Story Coaching… Reinvented

The principles of powerful, artful storytelling haven’t changed.  But the means of evaluating them in play within a story certainly have.

Story Coaching 2.0

Empower Your Process

Four levels of analysis.
              Each facilitated by an enhanced, genre-specific Questionnaire that goes deep into your story and your vision for it.

Each setting a new standard of affordability and value.

Truly, a reinvention of the art of coaching a story toward excellence.


Don’t spend thousands of dollars having your full manuscript evaluated, when a few dozen dollars gets you the exact same outcome and value.


Save a year of your life writing a draft that was compromised out of the gate.


Dramatically improve the chances of your full draft with a final evaluation of its most critical working parts.

Like an MRI for your story… this can save its life.”

“What’s a year of your time and a chance at greatness worth to you?   One session with Larry can save you a year of toil and put your story on the true path to publication.”
           –  Art Holcomb
 Award-winning playwright, screenwriter, story consultant and teacher


Here’s what the very first user of the new Dramatic Arc Analysis program has to say about it…

“Wow, I am BLOWN AWAY by how good this is! I’m about halfway through the “first draft answers” and I’m amazed at the info you’re pulling out of me. Hurts so good! It is the most detailed, but succinct, interactive step-by-step forced look-in-the-mirror that all of us novices need, that I’ve ever seen. (And like most writerly dreamers, I have a large library of writing how-to books, including yours.)

And it’s ‘way too cheap, too.”

Each level of analysis includes its own customized Story Questionnaire, where you will be challenged to define and support your intentions for various story elements and structural milestones.

The Questionnaire and a Welcome Letter include many links to TUTORIALS that help you wrap your head around the concepts and essences that comprise the storytelling experience.

In that context, each level becomes as much a tool in the story DEVELOPMENT process as it is useful as a story evaluation tool.

Level 1 – The Quick Hit Concept Analysis… $49

Concept and Premise are to blame for at least half of the rejections that occur among newer writers.  The core story itself, even with stellar execution, may not strong enough at it’s core to move an agent or editor to take it on.

It’s one of the most common of many ways to weaken a story.  You can’t write your way out of this, correction is required at the highest level of conceptual intention.  In many cases writers don’t even understand what a concept is, or  how it differs from premise.  This is a story-killer, one you can now avoid.

This service examines your concept in context to five key criteria for a compelling story, and suggests a direction for revision if necessary.

Hands down, this is the most dramatic price-to-value service in the history of story coaching.  Price reduced from its prior format, with enhanced value through a myopic focus on the inherent power of your concept.

Turnaround is 3 to 5 days (unless notified otherwise).  If you’d like a 24-hour rush on this, email me to request for billing at the $74 rate for that service, or us the drop down menu option shown on the Home page (left column under Story Coaching.

Quick Hit Concept Review

Level 2  – The Dramatic Arc Analysis… $95 (only $75 if you’ve completed the Level 1 Quick Hit Concept Review).


A premise is a promise made to the reader.

The dramatic arc is the fulfillment of that promise.


Premise is a make or break proposition.  It creates the context, content and direction for the story itself across all four contextual arcs of delivery.

If the premise is weak, it’s almost impossible to elevate it through structural execution and even stellar character depth.

And yet, even if the premise is strong, a weak dramatic execution can rob it of its inherent potential.  You need both – premise and execution across the dramatic arc – for a story to truly stand out.

The dramatic arc of your story is something that can be identified, isolated and analyzed for narrative and structural power.  This level of analysis uses a customized Questionnaire about your intentions for the execution of your premise, leading to feedback that can either rescue or elevate that plan, or at least affirm it if indeed it already glows in the dark.

Write me at to request billing for this level of service – $95… or if you’ve completed my Quick Hit Concept (and premise) Review, we can pick up where that left off for only $75 for this next step).

Level 3  – The Full Story Plan Review… $245

Concept and premise are only the beginning. When they aren’t the beginning, both must be retrofitted into a story developed without them.

The dramatic arc of your story is where the promise made by your premise comes front and center as the spine of your story.  This includes eight major story milestones supporting four sequential contextual narrative sections… all of which can be identified and analyzed, either as your intention or as a summary of what you’ve already written.

This level of evaluation looks at the major moving parts, connections and narrative layering as part of an overall story architecture, with a view toward optimizing character, dramatic tension, pace and the reading experience. (Submissions over 4000 words may entail additional fee.)

See Paypal button below (following the description of the Level 3-PLUS option), for payment access.


Level 3 – PLUS – Full Story Plan with 1st Quartile Pages (approx. 100 pgs.)… $545

Add your Part 1/Act 1 first quartile pages for analysis of voice, flow and exposition.  If it doesn’t work up front, you can’t save it later.

RUSH for Level 2 and Level 3 are available.  See drop-down menu below for Basic and Rush options for both.

Full Story Plan Options

Level 4 – Full Manuscript Analysis (with Questionnaire)…. (see below)*

I also offer traditional full draft analysis – rendered non-traditional by the inclusion of the Full Plan Questionnaire – at an accessible fee.  The quote above assumes a maximum of 100,000 words.  Email me to arrange scheduling and payment.

PRICE REDUCTION – until further notice, the price for the Full Manuscript evauation has been reduced to $1350.

Write me at to request billing for this discounted fee.


 How the program works:

Use the Paypal buttons/menus here (no account required, credit cards accepted) or in the column to the left.  Upon receipt I will send you a Welcome Kit, which includes the Genre-Specific Questionnaire for your chosen level of service.

Or, write me for new and special pricing levels, as described.

Feedback will be sent to you within the stated time frame.  Rush service is available at a slight upcharge.

One round of follow-up Q&A (for further explanation and clarification) is included.  Revised submissions (because they entail the same level of work) entail the same fee.

Follow-up coaching (rendering any revisions recommended in the feedback) is available).

Comments from Storyfix-Coached Writers

(Coming soon!)

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