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Is There Such a Thing as Natural Writing Talent?

I take this one head on today over at the, in response to a new article in a major magazine that basically says, “don’t worry about structure, you have the natural DNA to create a structurally-sound novel, based on your gut instinct.”

Not everyone is going to be happy.


Here’s a great learning opportunity for you: my friend Jennifer Blanchard has been leading a discussion/lecture based on my book, “Story Engineering” all week. On Monday at 7:00 EST (that’s today if you just received this via email) I’ll be on a conference call to help sum it all up… you are invited to call in and join in  (it’s totally free).

Primary dial in number: (425) 440-5100


Hope to see — hear — you there!


I’m very excited about my new Storyfix Virtual Classroom project, with five massively intense and content-rich training videos on key topics for emerging and experienced writers alike, including a module on story structure.

These are core principles that you can begin to learn now… rather than waiting a decade for your DNA to finally catch up.

You can’t really expected to write a novel like Stephen King writes a novel – using a draft to discover the story in full — unless and until you know what Stephen King knows. I can help with that.

Read more at my new training website HERE.

Or go to the Vimeo page to see the videos (also viewable on the site above) HERE.

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The Path That Has Led Us… to This.

And in turn… to what is possible. is announcing an intense instructional opportunity for writers who are tired of waiting for the muse to descend, killer concept and contract in hand. For writers who are no longer sure that the much-vaunted seat of their well-worn pants will be the wise and artful guide to narrative gold that has been promised. That indeed, who realize the current seat of their pants needs a lot of help to get a story right, or finished at all.

When Stephen King tells you to “just write,” he forgot to mention that when you try to write a story like he does, it works best if you happen to know what he knows.

If those aren’t your pants… and if you like to try on another pair that knows more stuff (because this remains a process that actually can work, when worn by an enlightened writer), then welcome to…

The Storyfix Virtual Classroom Experience

Hardcore Training for Serious Authors

Because you are here, I can easily assume you thirst for information—insight—on how a novel is written. What dramatic propositions it is built from, the emotional triggers it leverages, the conceptual opportunities that raise it up to the light. Not just the periphery of craft so common to conference agendas – how to write better dialogue and hotter query letters, how to craft a steamy sex scene, how to choreograph convincing swordplay, surviving the anathema of adjectives…

… no, you crave the literary filet, the good stuff, the hardcore, raw-grist nuclear code of spectacular, memorable fiction within the tropes and traps of your chosen genre. Or maybe you just want to know what all that even means.

Welcome to the next step on that quest.

Long ago a senior guy (a suit) I worked with in the ad biz, someone who knew I was writing novels in my spare time, said this to me: “Maybe, Larry, your true purpose is to mentor other writers. To make a difference for them that will alter the math of their future.”

At the time I kind of liked the math analogy, but the rest actually pissed me off.

Cut to, well, way too many years later, and here we are. For me, a few million blogged words and fourteen published books later, six of them novels, three of them writing craft books (and one… well, never mind) and four ghostwriting assignments. All those concepts and sentences, yet I have come to believe that it is my writing workshops that represent the best of what I do.

Feedback says they are career-exploding, even life-changing learning experiences. In a world full of polite company kumbaya writing classes, mine are downright unique. Loud and sometimes shocking, because you won’t hear all the standard hits taught elsewhere(indeed, some of those will be wrestled to the ground), and what does sound familiar (indeed again, I don’t claim to have cornered the market on common writing principles) is framed with a clarity and promise many say made the difference for them.

For some time now I’ve nurtured the idea of taking this workshop experience to a wider, just-as-hungry audience. With the evolution of digital media, that vision has now blossomed into a reality.

I’ve created—and am now distributing at a fraction of the cost of a live writing workshop—online writing training unlike anything you will find elsewhere, digitally or live. This is content you wish you’d have internalized earlier in your writing career, and upon encountering it now, recognize that it is not too late to finally get it.

These “virtual classroom” sessions are presented as robustly narrated PowerPoints intercut with actual on-camera presenter video—truly emulating the live workshop experience—where I look you in the eye as I introduce, embellish, debunk and generally energize both key and veiled principles with real-world relevance spiced with a liberal dose of examples from bestsellers that you cannot un-see.

This is what the big name Authors know but can’t seem to clearly explain. Serious training that will shed years from your learning curve through an empowered clarity and understanding of core storytelling elements, essences, processes and applications of what makes fiction work, juxtaposed with all the common ways writers tend to fall short of those criteria.

And fall short, we do. You will learn what not to do—and why not—as clearly as you understand, perhaps for the first time, what actually does works… and more importantly, why.

I invite you to check out the new Storyfix Virtual Classroom.

Five video modules (at this writing) of 61 to 118 minutes in length that just might deliver the ah-ha! moments you’ve been looking for.

Visit my new training website, at… as well as the Vimeo On Demand page from which you can download these five initial training products.

As a Storyfix reader, take advantage of a unique 25-percent discount on all downloads from now until the end of February. Just use this code – Storyfix25off – in the checkout cycle.


Here is the preview for the Storyfix Virtual Classroom as a training category on Vimeo.

This eight-minute excerpt is from Story Structure Demystified, one of the five modules currently available.

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