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The Finest Digital Tools that Turn You Into a Better Writer

A guest post by Robert Morris

The scariest thing about being a writer is that no matter how good you are, you can always become better. There is no limit to your capacity to produce extraordinary work that your readers would love. However, there is a certain appeal to the overwhelming challenge of becoming better: you can always explore new styles and themes, so your work can never be labeled as boring.

Do you know what else you can explore? Online tools that turn you into a better writer! Needless to say, you don’t want to get lost in the online world looking for the right tools to experiment with. You have work to do, so you would certainly appreciate a list of proven tools that will make you better in no time.

1. OneLook Reverse Dictionary

You are torturing yourself to remember a word you have in the back of your mind, but you just can’t spit it out? You need this reverse dictionary. Just describe the concept of the word you’re looking for, and you’ll get an entire list to choose from. The word you’re looking for is definitely in there.

2. NinjaEssays

You would have to invest a lot of money to hire a long-term editor you would work exclusively with. These editors usually work with published writers and charge amounts that newbies are unable to spend. That’s why you have NinjaEssays on your side! This is an online editing service that evaluates your projects and assigns a perfectly suitable editor for an affordable price. Plus, you can collaborate with professional writers, who can help you improve some aspects of your content!

3. Reedsy

You are already determined to become a professional writer? Then you need to become part of Reedsy – an online community that connects authors with great editors, designers, and marketers for their books. You can create an author profile for free, upload a portfolio, and start building connections. If you still haven’t discovered a publisher for your first draft, Reedsy will direct you on the right way.

4. Plagiarism Checker

Think about the greatest sin a writer can commit. Of course it’s plagiarism! You want to produce absolutely unique content with no signs of copying, paraphrasing, rewriting, and other dishonest strategies. PlagTracker checks your content and provides a detailed report about any plagiarism involved in it. If you accidentally got too inspired by an online resource and you forgot to provide proper citations, PlagTracker will help you fix the damage before it’s too late.

5. Cliche Finder

Some writers just love clichés. They are not aware of their habit phrases; they use them intuitively and bore the readers with unnecessary fillers. This online tool will help you locate the clichés and overused phrases in seconds. That’s a certain way of making your content less annoying.

6. Buffalo

Daily writing exercises are necessary for your progress. Buffalo enables you to write every day and publish your random thoughts online. It’s a supportive community that’s clean and extremely functional. All you need to do is join and start writing on any topics you have in mind.

7. Calmly Writer

You’ll see an almost blank page when you land at this website. Isn’t that all you need? You’ll access the options when you click on the lotus flower in the upper left angle of the page. You can insert pictures, change the font, download the document in different formats, or enter Focus Mode. You’ll also get character and word count, as well as an estimated reading time for your content. The distraction-free writing environment will make you a more focused writer.

These are the things that will support you on your mission towards becoming a better writer: commitment and the right tools. The list of online tools provided above will cover one of those aspects. Now, all you need to do is start using them and commit to a daily writing schedule.


Robert Morris is a freelance editor from NYC.  He loves traveling and yoga.  Follow Robert on Google+


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Excerpt from “Story Fix: Transform Your Novel From Broken to Brilliant”

If you’re a student of the writing game, I’m betting you’ve heard of Jane Friedman.  Once the Publisher of Writers Digest Magazine, she is now one of the most respected and oft-quoted voices in the publishing world, with a noted blog on the topic that includes its share of craft focus, as well.

I awoke this morning to a great gift: Ms. Friedman has published an excerpt of my new writing book (see title above) on her blog, and it was picked up on Scoop It for even wider distribution.  The slice of narrative she selected focuses on something we’ve kicked around a lot here on Storyfix, the nature and power of CONCEPT relative to story design and execution.  There’s a lively little discussion unfolding there, as well.

I hope you’ll check it out… HERE.

I also hope you give the book itself a shot.  Click HERE to read the first wave of reviews, and if so moved, pick up your copy.

Story Fix cover jpeg


PS – apologies if yesterday’s post (on my Paris observations) arrived in your inbox with the pictures all catywompass and upside-down.  I had them all pointing in the proper direction here on WordPress (if not the spacing, which I never could get right)… but by now it’s no secret that my technical skills are low-rent, and thus I am at a loss to understand or explain what went wrong.  Anyhow, I hope you didn’t get a neck cramp twisting sideways to see them straight.


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