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New Peer Review Fiction Ready for Your Feedback

A lot of new faces here on Storyfix — welcome, by the way! — and you may not be aware of one of the newest features of the site.  We offer a Peer Review page where authors can post their work, available to all for reading, and with an open invitation for your feedback (using the “Comments” feature at the bottom of each entry’s page).

Peer feedback is the best kind.  Please honor your fellow writers who have braved this decision by reading their work (see links below) and chipping in your thoughts.  There are many previous entries here, too… enjoy.

Today’s New Submissions

– an action/thriller novel from Darren Stephenson, called “Strategem.”

– a legal suspense thriller from Sharon B. called, “Jack Dare’s American Freefall.”

– a short story from Evonne Biggins called, “Gray Stones & Blue Fireflies.”

Recent Additions

– a fantasy short story from Brandon Pilcher called, “Fighting For Food.”

– the addition of a second chapter to Frederick Fuller’s adult contemporary novel called, “For the Heart’s Treasure.”

To see the entire Peer Review Menu, CLICK HERE.

To learn more about submitting your own work to the Peer Review Page, CLICK HERE, or for a general overview of this opportunity, HERE.

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Two New Peer Review Submissions Available

Added today:

The Findings,” by Nancy xxxxx, an excerpt from her political thriller.

Added yesterday:

The Two Headed Rat“, a YA novel by B.J. Culver.

Please make some time to read these submissions by two very promising authors, who will appreciate your feedback.

Also added yesterday, a wonderful guest post from Lynn Dean… just scroll down!

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