Make That Monday

I admit it, I spoke too soon. 

Last post I said I’d put up a killer article for Friday.  My intentions were good, but my schedule wasn’t.  Friday is over, and the egg on my face is already peeling off.

To be honest, I’m in Hawaii (Maui) with my beautiful wife simulating a second honeymoon.  That agenda, too much sun and the World’s Scariest Almost Lost My Blog moment (see last post) conspired to make this something I couldn’t get done.

Oh, did I mention getting an offer on my house, to which we needed to counter, all of which involved about seven back-and-forth trans-Pacific faxes?

And it was my birthday.  When your website crashes on your birthday, you question everything you know.

Tomorrow I’m on an airplane for 6 hours, and when you throw in the check-in time (if you’ve ever flown out of Maui you know what I mean, the security line alone is always about 300 yards long… and I’m not exaggerating), I have about an 11 hour day ahead of me.

So I’m shooting for Monday. 

I hope you’ll join me.  Because I’m going to blow a widely-accepted piece of conventional story structure wisdom all to hell.



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7 Responses to Make That Monday

  1. Jen

    The fact that you even thought you could get a post up while in Hawaii counts for at least 3 actual posts in my book. That’s dedication! Good luck on selling the house! And happy birthday!

  2. Elizabeth

    Must admit, these past 3 entries have shown how to keep the reader on the edge of her seat! — “I’m in Maui”, “My website crashed”, “I’ll post a mind-blowing blog later today!”, “I got sick”, “We’re selling our house”, “Haven’t posted that entry yet, but it’s coming!”, “Schedule looks bad”, “We’re on a second honeymoon – and it’s my birthday”, “Will post that killer entry on Monday!” Alright, alright — I’m hooked! lol

  3. Kelly

    Mmm, Larry.
    Still jealous. See you on the flip flop.
    Aloha, Kelly

  4. Martha Miller

    Happy birthday, happy second honeymoon, and break a leg on the house sale! We don’t care if your post is a tad late this time. You have a life.

  5. Larry, Larry, Larry…join you in Maui? Of course. Oh, wait, you meant join you here. Ok, need more coffee. Pass the Kona, would you?

    You know what? Don’t worry about it. Second honeymoons are far more important. No one’s going to tie you to the stake for missing a post. Haven’t you learned anything from the Hawaiians? Aloha is what it’s all about. If you take anything away from paradise, make sure you take time out to watch the sunset every night.

    And in the spirit of aloha; happy birthday and congrats on the house offer. I can’t offer any kind of condolences on the security lines – the last time I was in Maui was pre-911.

    Mahalo, cuz!

  6. Larry, first an FYI – I steered clear of the An Education posts because I haven’t had the chance to see or read it yet. I’ll come back to those when I do.

    Meanwhile, if I were your wife, I’m not so sure I’d be your wife any longer if you were even thinking of posting while on a second honeymoon. 🙂 And good grief, with all that other stuff going on, you deserve a break!

    I hope you’ve enjoyed Maui, and I look forward to Monday’s post – as others have said, you really know how to hook your readers! Oh, and happy birthday!

  7. Happy birthday!

    And second honeymoon makes you forgiven for being late. Take your time and enjoy. Writers shouldn’t be exposed to needless stress.