Monday Mess and Madness

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend.

Saw a great film I highly recommend, both for deconstruction purposes and as an example of a great character-driven thriller. It’s called Chloe, starring Julianne Moore, Liam Neelson and Amanda Seyfried, one of the hottest (in terms of her career) young actors in Hollywood.  It’s directed by Atom Egoyan, and despite his first name it’s a serious piece of dramatic work.  

It’s not at the major cineplexes… always a good sign.  Because, like An Education (the Oscar nominated film from the same distributor),  it’s too darn intelligent for a mass audience. 

Which means you, the informed writer, will appreciate it.

See if you can find the plot points on the first viewing.  The first plot point is subtle and therefore elusive, which makes it fun to find.  Once you do, test it against the criteria for an effective FPP.   

Online Workshop at

Today (Monday, April 5th) begins a week-long daily post online workshop you might enjoy.   Not only is there a lengthy “lesson” posted, but I’ll be online throughout each day responding to questions and elaborating as called for. 

Given my previous experience with forums (I hear there’s still a shoot-on-sight notice out on me at one in particular), I’ll also be wearing a helmet and pads, as I hear there are rabid pantsers lurking about in that genre, and I’m calling them out in this series.

The title — don’t let it fool you — is “Story Structure for Romance Writers,” and since my first point is that the structure for this genre isn’t any different than it is for any other genre (though there are some peripheral expectations as to the nature of the stories themselves), this is a good primer for any writer seeking to brush up on their story architecture understanding.

It’s five bucks, not a bad deal at all.

And if you’re wondering where that deconstruction of Shutter Island is… patience.  It’s in the bullpen warming up.


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2 Responses to Monday Mess and Madness

  1. nancy

    Wish I had gotten your movie tip sooner. Here’s my weekend epiphany:
    You know you’re a story structure convert when:
    Your son drags you to the movies, and you find yourself deconstructing “Hot Tub Time Machine”!

  2. Steve

    Chloe, An Education, Hot Tub Time Machine. Got it.