More “Help”… Coming Soon

Patience.  Don’t have enough of it.  Appreciate it when I see it. 

Love it when I’m on the receiving end of it.

We’re in the middle of our deconstruction series on “The Help.”  Last post on this was Tuesday.  It’s Friday, high time for the next installment.

But… this series got interrupted by an important family birthday (mine), and a few other details of reality that I’ll spare you.

So today I’m just recognizing and explaining and apologizing for the gap here, and stating for the record that the next post in the series will be available on Sunday evening (for a Monday morning email feed).

Thanks for your patience.  If you’re new here, this gives you time to catch up on the previous entries in this series

I wish you all a great writing weekend.  L.

Image credit: Krypto, via Fickr.


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7 Responses to More “Help”… Coming Soon

  1. Steve

    I needed that “paws.”

    Happy Birthday.

  2. Christina

    Happy birthday:) I hope you had a great time!

  3. Giovanni

    Plenty to catch up here, could take years.
    Happy birthday mr. Storyfixer.

  4. Martha

    Happy Birthday Larry! You and I are almost in tune that way.
    Martha M

  5. Happy Birthday, Larry!
    I’ve recently downloaded a copy of your book, Story Engineering, from Amazon kindle. It truly is the best book I’ve seen of its kind. The way you write is down to earth and accessible, yet after reading only a chapter or two, my brain starts to explode. There’s just SO much there! And, I’m only on the section on Characterization. Great job and thank-you so much for your blog posts and book that really helps us new to fiction writing and self-publishing. I’m excited about all the changes I need to make to my manuscript. At least I’m not too far into the book yet! Truly, I guess a little planning goes a long way! 🙂
    God bless!
    -Christina Li

  6. Lyndie Blevins

    Happy Birthday, Larry I am glad you are allowing yourself to have a break. Wishing you a great year full of surprising opportunities.

  7. Donna Lodge

    Larry, a belated ‘Happy Birthday.’ And you’re very welcome for the summary. Thanks for tackling “The Help” deconstruction – it’s so helpful to understand the novel at the micro and macro levels.