My Ridiculous August FREE eBook Promotion…

… to unabashedly, unashamedly, motivate you to read my newly republished novels… as digital downloads.

Here’s the deal.

Buy one of my novels, and I’ll send you a FREE writing ebook.  A big, meaty one, with over 100 pages of good stuff about how to get your bad self published.  In fact, that’s the title: “Get Your Bad Self Published” (click to read about this FREE ebook).

Learn what sells, what doesn’t, and why.  Learn how a book is sold to a publisher.  Learn how to write a query, how to assemble a synopsis and treatment, how to score an agent, how to avoid the common mistakes and separate yourself from the hopeful crowd. 

This is the real skinny on getting published by an established imprint, not a how-to about self-publishing.  Those books are everywhere these days, but the truth remains on how to get yourself into a bookstore for real, and this ebook delivers it.

And by the way, the novels (ebook versions) are only $2.99. 

So what’s up with this?

We are living on the cusp of a new age in publishing.  Everything is changing.  And I want in, same as you.   My novels are visceral, reflective stories that put my stamp on things, maybe even mess with your head, and I want to share them with you.  Same as any other author.

I have four successful (that’s all relative, of course, but these books have a track record) novels with my name on them, and my intention is to be at the forefront of this new market venue as it continues to evolve.  Many previously-published, proven authors are going this route, and now I’m hanging my hat with theirs.

It’s good to be published.  It can be good to be self-published.  And I’m happy to bribe you with free stuff to help establish my fiction brand, as I have done here as a story coach. 

My strategy: earn your trust and readership here through over-delivery, reward your loyalty and aesthetic expectations with killer novels that will not only entertain and remain with you, maybe even touch you in ways you weren’t expecting (so sayeth reviewers), but will also motivate you as an author, as well.  Because I practice what I preach.

Read the reviews, please.  I’m not over-blowing this stuff.  Publishers Weekly named one of my books (Bait and Switch“) to two lists: “Best Books of 2004 – Mass Market”… and “Best Overlooked Books of 2004.” 

I’d like to un-do the latter distinction.

So now I have republished three of these critically-praised novels on the major ebook venues — Kindle, Smashwords, Nook and (soon) the Apple iTunes Bookstore.  I also have another novel, my latest (“Whisper of the Seventh Thunder“), available on these venues and as a trade paperback. (If you’re wondering about the whereabouts of my other novel, “Serpent’s Dance“… so am I… I can’t locate the orignial digital file; the ebook version will have to wait until that happens.)

The offer is good for all four novels.  (Keep reading for a quick pitch on each title.) 

And then some.

All these titles were, just a few years ago, tradionally published. 

Three by a so-called “Big Six” outfit (Signet, a Penguin-Putnam imprint), and one is still out there from a visionary small press (Sons of Liberty).

The three republished books sold tens of thousand of copies each, and one (“Darkness Bound“) was a USA Today bestseller.  All were critical hits, books you may have seen on the top shelf at your local bookstore a few years back.

They’re psychological thrillers, a little sexy, a little dark, fast-paced, at times scary, as well as conceptually and thematically compelling and thought-provoking.  Check out the reviews on Amazon and elsewhere, that’s the common thread among readers.

The rights have reverted to me, and I’m digitally republishing them with new covers as ebooks for reading devices, including your PC if you don’t yet own an e-reader. 

Why?  Because I’m a novelist.  It’s what I do.  In addition to teaching this stuff.  For me they go hand in hand. 

I humbly invite you to consider these novels.  If you like Storyfix, I think you’ll like what you see.

And, to be honest — examples being the most effective teaching tool — I want you to see how my books “walk the walk” relative to the principles of story archtecture and core competencies discussed here on Storyfix, and in my bestselling writing book, “Story Engineering: Mastering the Six Core Competencies of Successful Storytelling.”

Okay, let’s throw that in, too.   Buy “Story Engineering” and I’ll send you the free ebook, as well.

Here’s the gift-with-purchase deal again:

When you buy a book — any of ’em, at the listed price (the three republished novels are $2.99) — I’ll send you my writing ebook: “Get Your Bad Self Published” for FREE, which until recently was selling for $14.95. 

Just forward your online receipt from Amazon, Smashwords or Nook, or elsewhere, and I’ll send you the free writing ebook within a day.  It’s that simple.

Thanks for considering this. 

Here are the books:

 The USA Today Bestseller from Larry Brooks, named by Publishers Weekly to their “Best Books of 2004” and “Best Overlooked Books of 2004” lists, as well as their lead Editor’s Choice in July 2004.

FROM PUBLISHERS WEEKLY (starred review):
In a sexy tale laced with plenty of surprise twists, Brooks (Pressure Points, etc.) examines the underbelly of high society and paints an ugly portrait of greed in America. Wolfgang Schmitt, a newly single former model looking for an excuse to leave the advertising industry, finds his opening when billionaire Nelson Scott offers him a million dollars to seduce his wife. Schmitt’s involvement with Kelly Scott would trigger a prenuptial clause, ensuring Kelly can’t get her hands on her husband’s fortune—or so Schmitt is led to believe. After wrestling with his conscience, Schmitt accepts the assignment and immediately gets swept up in a complicated plot involving betrayal and murder. This intoxicating and intelligent tale of corporate corruption feels as authentic as a true crime chronicle, but Schmitt’s first-person narration ensures that it is much more entertaining. Brooks balances Schmitt’s wry, wisecracking nature with a rare moral fortitude, resulting in a likeable protagonist whose cynicism never fails to entertain (Entry #201 in Schmitt’s work in progress, Bullshit in America: “The price of movie popcorn—the time for rebellion is now. Take a big purse and stop at your local convenience store on the way. Then leave the candy wrappers on the floor so they’ll know. It’s what Rosa Parks would have done”). In a savvy move, Brooks concludes this book with a question mark, leaving it wide open for a sequel. Readers will welcome the prospect.
Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Buy “Bait and Switch” on Kindle… on Smashwords… and on Nook.


Orignally published as “Pressure Points” (Onyx, 2001), “The Seminar” is a complex and disturbing thriller set in the world of self-help seminars and gurus. Three ad agency executives seeking to buy out their boss and take over the business face one final hurdle. The departing agency founder demands they attend a personal growth seminar that changed his own life, in the hope it will equip them for the tough road he knows awaits them as partners and major advertising players. But there is much more to it than that, and the stakes reach far beyond ownership of the agency.

Nothing in this story is what it seems, and as the week-long seminar unfolds the lines between reality and curriculum begin to blur, and when the wheels come off it’s every participant for themselves.

This fast paced thriller novel takes the reader on a journey of self-discovery and reflection in a way that transcends entertainment. Much like James Redfield’s “The Celestine Prophesy” and the novels of Richard Bach made readers think and feel, “The Seminar” grips and surprises with the pentrating touch of an author whom Publishers Weekly dubbed as “a master of suspense and terror.”


Buy “The Seminar” on Kindle… on Smashwords… and on Nook.


Cover for 'Darkness Bound' From Publishers Weekly:

Teasingly erotic, Brooks’s first novel is that rarest of sexual thrillers, in which the sex isn’t gratuitous but a convincing means to an end. Unfortunately, the book’s erotic cover may cause horror/thriller fans to overlook this title on the bookshelf. What begins as a way for Seattle stockbroker Dillon Masters to live out his sexual fetishes turns into a high-stakes game of strategy and deceit, in which the prize is life. The players in this game are few, including Masters, his wife, his mysterious lover (whom he calls the “Dark Lady”), her husband, a detective, a psychiatrist and a lawyer friend of Masters.  The extremes these players go to in an effort to destroy the others are shocking. Midnight phone calls, secret dalliances and dangerous play-acting ensue until Masters realizes he’s caught in a complex scam and could be pegged for murder. The novel’s final scenes burst with the intensity of a first-rate horror film, and it’s difficult to detect a loophole in the intricate plot.

Copyright 2000 Reed Business Information, Inc.

A 2004 Onyx paperback USA Today bestseller, “Darkness Bound” is a fearless look into the darker side of desire and intimacy, asking the question: how far would a man go, if suddenly free to pursue his deepest yearnings, to achieve that which he’s always dreamed of, which his wife has rejected, and which he truly doesn’t even understand? And how far would he then go to extricate himself from the abyss into which he will most certainly fall in doing so?

Hailed by critics (Publishers Weekly hailed it as fresh and provocative, with a killer ending), hidden behind proper bookshelves while capturing the voice of an entire generation of men and women who keep dirty little secrets, even from themselves, “Darkness Bound” is a one-of-a-kind thriller, called by some “the sexiest novel of the decade.”

Love, desire, fetishistic fascinations and fear-driven passion await those who dare risk losing themselves in this forbidden story.

Buy “Darkness Bound” on Kindle… on Smashwords… and on Nook.



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  1. AgathaMChristie

    Just purchased all three books listed above. Would love the copy of Get Your Bad Self Published. I took a photograph on my nook color of the 3 books as I was purchasing them and would be happy to forward a receipt when I receive it. I’m probably very slow, but I don’t see your e-mail address on here!

    I’m a high school English and creative writing teacher and have desired to read your novel since the beginning of the summer. Love that I get it with a “bonus” now. Enjoy your website.

  2. Ash

    I’ve wanted to purchase Whisper of the Seventh Thunder for some time now and I don’t have an ebook reader presently. Does this offer apply to the purchase of the hard copy of Seventh Thunder? That would be an awesome bonus to get both!

  3. Kristin

    I bought “The Seminar” 🙂 It probably interested me the most out of the offered novels. But how do we get that copy of “Bad Self…”? I’m curious because I want to know when to expect it.

  4. Great deal! Story Engineering turned me from a diehard pantser into a plotter and I’m loving every minute of it (okay…maybe not every single minute…writing’s still hard work :D). I’d love to check out the how-to on publishing.

  5. Just when I think you couldn’t possibly top your last effort (Story Engineering, my freakin’ bible), I get this fantastic offer in my inbox. Who wouldn’t want a great excuse to buy and read one of these thrillers, get a great free e-book and help an amazing author and teacher get the recognition he deserves? On my way to smahwords right now! Thank you

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  7. I copy pasted your yahoo email address, but it didn’t work. I got a mailer daemon response. Could there be a typo in it? I’m going to try it again switching wrtyerman to wryterman.


    ~ Melissa

  8. Tommy

    If you please, to what address to we forward our receipt for one of your eBooks?

  9. Sheila

    Larry, when I tried to send my receipt to the yahoo email address you posted, it bounced back as failed delivery. Is there some other address to forward the receipt to?

  10. Camilla Allen

    I purchased Bait and Switch. To where do I forward my receipt?