The Critical Essence of “Context” Within Your Story

Today I’m going to send you hopping over to The Kill Zone blog, where I have a dense, long, workshop-like post entitled, “How Is Your Table of Context?

It’s a different batting stance as we swing for the fences in our stories. Hope this helps, and that you enjoy the ride.


I’d like to update you on my little side project, my new book (on how to achieve success in primary relationships), Chasing Bliss.

My goal is to do for, and to, relationships what I’ve done to/for storytelling: break it down into its core elements and sequences (cause and effect), and identify and analyze the criteria for success within each. With a few war stories from my own spotty experience in this realm.

If you’re already bought the Kindle edition, this update is for you. Turn on the “Automatic Book Update” feature (it’s under the “Manage Your Content” tab, then select “Setting” in the three-part tool part near the top; this entry is a few selections down the list), and you’ll soon receive (as a replacement for the one on your device) and updated version of the book, with a few little glitches cleaned up).

Visit the under-construction (the first page is done) new website for the book,

The updated ebook book remains available on Kindle, Nook, Smashwords and iBooks.

The paperback edition is in the mysterious 3 – 5 day “arrival” cycle on Amazon, it’ll be there soon.  If you can’t wait — of course, this is what any author would hope for — it’s available for order/shipping NOW at the Createspace bookstore.

Chasing Bliss FRONT cover final jpeg (1)

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Update from Yesterday’s Post

WordPress went hinky on me yesterday. In a couple of ways. What I posted didn’t fully show up. And I never received the morning post Feedburner distribution (maybe you did… if not, read on).

You don’t want to miss the interview with novelist Sue Coletta, entitled The Prototypical Novelist of Today – Proving It Can Be Done. Click on that title to get there if you didn’t receive this via your email.

Also, I had tagged the post with an update for those of you who purchased my new book, Chasing Bliss, as a Kindle edition. The post you’ll see from the link above has it… but if you’ve read the post and simply want to see the update, here it is.

Thanks much. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Chasing Bliss Update: had some WordPress problems yesterday, this tag didn’t post, after three tries. Strange. I didn’t get this via normal Feedburner distribution, either, which may have happened for you, as well.

Anyhow… if you’ve purchased Chasing Bliss over the past few days… first, thank you. If you’ve started reading, you may have noticed the book has a few more typos and little glitches than one should expect. My apologies for that, I hit the button too soon. All those fixes are in process, in preparation for the paperback (which comes out in about 12 days or so), and will be implemented in the Kindle, as well. Which means you can get the updated version on your Kindle.

How to do that?  If you have Automatic Book Updates turned on (on your device), it’ll happen automatically.  If you don’t… click HERE for a walk-through on how to do that (it’s pretty simple). Hope this makes you feel whole. Moreover, I hope the book is contributing toward your experience within your relationship. Sorry for any inconvenience.

The Prototypical Novelist of Today… Proving That It CAN Be Done



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