Special Offer to Writing/Critique Groups

You may think us blogging/guru types wake up every morning wondering how we can sell more stuff to you.  I hope not — that’s pretty cynical — because it’s not true.

If we’re doing this right, we wake up every morning wondering how we might deliver something of value. 

There are theories about that, unique to the internet, that involve issues such as giving it away (been doing that for five months now), and the relationship-building that leads to folks actually buying something.  And nothing says relationship quite like a freebie, or even a killer deal.

Today’s post combines all that.  I woke up realizing that your writing/critique group can use what I have to offer.  So I’m offering it here.

There are two primary ways your writing/critique group can help its members.

The first is to read each other’s stuff and offer help.  I believe that “help” isn’t always in the form of criticism — it’s not exactly like John Irving is sitting among you, if you get my drift.  Help can and should include the sharing of knowledge — principles and tips and techniques and models to emulate — and then applying it to the specifics of your stories. 

Ask yourself how often that happens, versus the critical stuff.  Then read on.

The other is the discovery and exploration of that knowledge together.

And that’s where I can help.

One way I can help is to suggest your group read everything on this blog, especially my story structure series.  There is no more potent and condensed elevator to a higher level of storytelling proficiency than a thorough understanding of story structure.

Ignorance runs rampant out there.  But not within the ranks of the published. 

That’s all free, by the way.  Knock yourselves out.  And, you’re welcome.

The other way I can help is to offer you that knowledge in a condensed, win-win way.

I offered my first ebook (101 Tips) at a discounted rate for writing groups, and I’m doing it again here with my new ebook, Story Structure – Demystified.  The more copies you buy for your group (which equates to the larger your group is), the better the value.

Here’s how it works:

For the rest of November, if you supply me with the email addresses of your group members (no, I won’t spam ’em), I’ll send them the ebook directly.

First, purchase ONE COPY of the ebook, through Clickbank, at the regular price.  You can do that HERE.

This next step is important, and a necessary step for a discount, because Clickbank doesn’t do discounts.  You’ll be buying the remaining copies directly from me.  Which means, you pay for the books via PAYPAL, using this destination address: storyfixer@gmail.com. (Discount pricing detailed below — send one total amount — that doesn’t include that first Click bank purchase.)

Then, from the email address used for the initial Clickbank copy, send me your order number (sort of a “proof of purchase” thing).  Also include all the email addresses of the recipients.

The normal price, the one you’ll pay for that first copy, is $14.95.  Based on results and reviews (if you need ’em, let me know, I’ll overwhelm you with endorsements), it’s worth every nickel.

With this group discount, copies #2 through #5 will be only $10 each.  So, if your group consists of five members, you’d pay $14.95 for the first copy through Clickbank, then send me $40 via Paypal (with the email addresses) for the next four (4 times $10 each).

If the total copies exceed five, the remaining copies (after the initial purchase) are only $7.50 each.  So, for example, if you have, say, 8 members, you’d buy the first through Clickbank at $14.95, then send me $52.50 (7 times $7.50) for the other six via Paypal.

It gets even better, if you want it to.

If you’d also like my first ebook, 101 Slightly Unpredictable Tips for Novelists and Screenwriters” (regular price is $9.95) I’ll include one copy for each Story Structure ebook ordered (including the first one) at only FIVE BUCKS each.  Just make sure this is clear in your email, and that the additional funds are included with the Paypal payment.

So, in the case of the 7-copy order, if you also wanted the Tips ebook for all (8 copies), include another $40 for that.

A killer deal, and a win-win.  I hope you’ll consider it.  I can think of no more meaty, empowering tool for your writing group to use toward making you all better storytellers, and quickly.

Thanks for tolerating this marketing moment.  I can go back to bed now.


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2 Responses to Special Offer to Writing/Critique Groups

  1. Hey Larry,

    Nothing about storyfix.com has ever remotely evoked a drop of cynicism, not in my opinion; I would say it’s something closer to altruism.

  2. @Chris – thanks for that, very much appreciated.