Story Fix: Transform Your Novel from Broken to Brilliant

Announcing the release of the Kindle edition of my new writing book… two months before the official release date.


Nothing is ever precise about the “release date” of a new book.  It can end up in a bookstore two weeks before the prophesied “Official Release Date,” or because of the whims of booksellers, gather dust in a back room for weeks before they get around to putting it out on the shelves.

Same with the release of a Kindle edition versus a hard copy edition, which in my case, with my new writing book, “Story Fix: Transform Your Novel From Broken to Brilliant, “officially out” in October, but is actually available now — as in, you can get it on your Kindle right now — in its digital/ebook edition.

Many of you reading this site are here because of one or both of my previous writing books.  Some of you are new here, and have yet to give my writing books a shot.  Either way, this new book — which was named by the publisher (Writers Digest Books) in honor of, and to leverage, this website and its online brand — is already getting a bit of buzz… please go to and at least read the blurbs from names far more famous than mine who are talking it up. (The first two blurbs, from Robert Dugoni and Joe Moore, are embedded in the introductory copy just to the right of the image, the others are below the subhead “Editorial Reviews,” a bit further down the page.)

I’ll be posting more about this as the trade paperback edition release nears, but for now, just know that I wrote this book with the bold objective of creating a writing book unlike anything I’ve ever done, or anything anyone else has ever done.  It’s a book about you, the writer, as much as the manuscript that torments you, because at the end of the day it’s what we believe about storytelling and the ways in which our own process either serves us or compromises our goals that define the likelihood of our success.

If you think you’ve heard it all before, perhaps you have.  But I’m guessing you’ve never read about it in quite this way.  The book is billed as being about “revision,” but actually it’s a more literal effort to “fix” your story, which can and should happen before, during and after your first draft, as well as drafts that have come back to you as rejected or poorly reviewed by your peers.

The book might just be what you’re looking for to take your writing to the next level. 

Maybe even change your writing life entirely.  If you think that’s just me, executing the 101-level self-marketing we are constantly told is required… again, please go to and read those endorsements (blurbs), who say it much more clearly and enthusiastically than I dare attempt.

By the way, the Foreword was contributed by superstar writing guru Michael Hauge (Google him if that name is new to you), who taught the first writing workshop I ever attended, long before many of you were born.

That sort of full circle connection is only one of the reasons this new book is the one I was born to write, with everything that’s come before it — two bestselling writing books, six critically-acclaimed novels, over 800 blog posts here and over 1000 elsewhere, and a few dozen ebooks and ghostwritten projects — leading me toward the point of view and refreshingly unpredictable approach that the book describes in detail.

I’ll be posting Michael’s Foreword and a few sample chapters over the next couple of months, in case you’re not convinced.  But if you are – and I hope you’ve learned to trust my perspective on writing fiction that works — the book is available to you right now, as a Kindle edition.

If you’re not a Kindle person and prefer your writing books in hard copy so you can mark them up (or toss them at someone, you never know), the paperback is available for pre-order HERE, with the release date still slated for October.


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10 Responses to Story Fix: Transform Your Novel from Broken to Brilliant

  1. Shaun

    Love your books Larry and Always look forward to the next one. I will definitely be purchasing the Kindle edition and if it’s as inspirational as the previous two, I’ll be getting the paperback as well.

    Question . I noticed with the new website design, the posts don’t have the dates marked on them. Can you add that back? It was always helpful knowing whether or not I read it or how long ago it was posted.


    • Hulloo, Shaun!

      I’m not Larry but I am his web guy.

      I convinced Larry to let me remove the dates on the posts. His post are universally evergreen content; when it was posted has no bearing on its value. What happens, though, is someone finds a post through a Google search or whatnot, sees a date in 2013, and thinks it’s not relevant anymore.

      I know that doesn’t resolve the issue you raise, but I hope hearing our reasons for the change helps it make sense to you.

      Glad to discuss it further if you like.

  2. Yes! This is the line that got me: “…this new book is the one I was born to write, with everything that came before it…” That’s good enough for me.

  3. Congrats,Larry. I’m excited! I get all my writing craft books in print so I can highlight the salient points. Although, with your books it’s kind of pointless because I want to mark it all up! I’ll be sharing about this!

  4. Michele Pridgeon

    Hello Mr Brooks, I am a newbie to your work and have already consumed your Story Engineering and Story Physics books within the last two months. I just received your email on this post and it didn’t take more than a split second to decide to buy your latest book. I am in the middle of transforming my self-published novel of 8 years ago into a pitch for Hollywood. Your newest book promises to be a treasure map for me at the perfect time! Thank you so much for all your work you do for us storytellers. I

  5. Larry:
    Congratulations on your new book! I’m in the process of reading it. So far, so awesome! I’m loving it. Thanks for your expertise. Gotta go read now.

  6. Hey Larry, you already know you’ve been a virtual mentor of mine. I’m psyched for ya! I already purchased the digital copy but plan to get the physical copy as well (to highlight like Susanne does!). Thanks for writing and sharing this most recent creation (earlier than expected!).

  7. Pow. One more for me to recommend to my people.

  8. I pre-ordered the hard copy as soon as it was available, but I’m struggling with my current WIP (final draft of manuscript due by Thanksgiving) so I’m getting the Kindle copy of “Story Fix” right effing NOW!

    Thanks Larry!

  9. Bill Cory

    Okay Larry, I bought it. Haven’t opened it yet but I know it’s good because you said so. All the other books were great. Your personal critiques of concept and premise were fantastic. You haven’t let me down yet! Thanks.