StoryFix: The Invite, The Opportunity and a little News…

The Invite

There’s still time to submit Guest Posts that cover the Shutter Island deconstruction experience.

Everyone gets published.  

Somebody gets the #1 spot and a free book. 

All are welcome, provided you are on-topic and not off-color. 

Send your article to:  No more than 750 words, please.

The Opportunity

Are you in a BOOKCLUB

Does your group ever read and discuss thrillers and speculative fiction?  Did The DaVinci Code turn your meeting into a brawl? 

If so, please consider what I’m suggesting here.

One of the ways a small press novel can find and expand an audience is through enthusiastic bookclubs.   So here’s what I propose, and why it might interest you.

If you select my novel, WHISPER OF THE SEVENTH THUNDER, as a selection for your bookclub – or if you’re even willing to consider it – I’ll send you a – as in, one – free copy of the novel beforehand.

Of course it’s self-serving of me… duh!  This way you can read it, see if you like it, determine if it fits your group’s needs and personality.  And then, if it does – here’s the win-win – you select it for your group and your members buy their copies via Amazon.  Or ask your local bookseller to get it for you, which they will.

You get a freebie, I get some numbers.

Why might this interest you? 

Well, read the reviews thus far on Amazon.  You’ll see that this story is meaty stuff.  Torn from today’s headlines, as they say.  Much discussion and debate will ensue.

Bring abundant wine.

The story leverages two things from real life that are, to say the least, surprising and frightening.  To find out what those are, click HERE to go to the book’s website and click the tab labeled  “The Story Behind” and “Fact and Fiction.”

Writing the thing was almost as scary as reading it is proving to be.

And, if you’d like, I’ll participate with your group via Skype to answer questions, clarify and submit to any form of interrogation your group has in mind.  (This offer extends to your Critique Group, as well, under the same arrangement.)

Contact me via email for more on this mutual back-scratch of an opportunity.

Oh, this too – I could use more reader reviews on Amazon, if you’ve already finished it.  Thanks for that in advance.

On a related note…

The Little News

I’d like to share some breaking news about the novel, which I hope is the beginning of more announcements in this direction.

WHISPER OF THE SEVENTH THUNDER was just named the winner in the Suspense/Thriller category in the “Next Generation Indie Book Awards,” which is but one of a whole bunch of other categories.  Three finalists were also named.

The awards are open to small press releases, and attract about 5000 or so entries.

WHISPER was also named a Finalist in the Religious Fiction category.  Which is a bit of a pleasant surprise, since it’s an edgy secular thriller that some might say stretches the boundaries of the books you find on the Religion Shelf. 

And there’s one more…

My ebook, STORY STRUCTURE – DEMYSTIFIED was named a Finalist in the Writing category.

More category and Grand Prize announcements are forthcoming.

You can visit the Next Generation Indie Book Awards site – which doesn’t yet have an updated list of 2010 winners yet, just last year’s… look for the 2010 update soon, the game ain’t over yet – at


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9 Responses to StoryFix: The Invite, The Opportunity and a little News…

  1. nancy

    Congratulations. You deserve it. Nancy

  2. Congrats on your Indi Book Award results. It’s nice to see all that karma making its way back to you!

    (Not to mention furthering your reputation as someone who knows of what he speaks)

  3. Congratulations Larry! Having learned so much from you, I’m not the least bit surprised about any of these honors. As already mentioned – you deserve it!

    Now, who has the champagne? 🙂

  4. Congratulations on both nominations, Larry. The insights on Shutter Island were thoughtful and perceptive. I admit that without your helpful critique, I would have missed many important, yet subtle points. Regarding your offer for a book club reading of your novel, I’d love to take you up on it. It would be a blast for us here in Port Orford, to read, discuss and connect with you.

    It’s a pleasure meeting you this way.

  5. OMG! That is all so frickin’ wonderful! How exciting! I own the book already, I just haven’t started reading it yet. My time is so hard to come by and I’m already in the middle of two others. Ugh!

    I promise that I will share whatever I can, where ever I can and share the link(s) with you! I don’t need anything from you so relax. A reply to my comments now and then would be nice, but nothing more.

    Congratulations! Exciting stuff!

  6. @Evelyn — thanks for your enthusiasm. I have absolutley appreciated your comments and contributions in the past, I hope you’ll forgive me if I haven’t responded directly. Definately my weak spot, I’ll work on it.

    Hoping you’ll whip something up for Monday’s guest blogs about the Shutter deconstruction, would love to have you in the mix. Thanks again.

    Next deconstruction: “An Education,” a character-driven, Oscar nominated film from late last year. Awesome stuff, with much to show us.

  7. Kelly

    Wonderful news about the awards, and well deserved.
    My copy of Whisper just arrived yesterday from Amazon- looking forward to reading it even more after the rave reviews.
    I fell off the book club wagon over a year ago, but think they would still be interested in reading Whisper in conjunction with your site. Will pass along the information to the membership.
    I’m ready now to get an education about “An Education!”
    Regards, Kelly

  8. Des

    A little existential, maybe, but here it is – “Nowhere – now here”.