The “Art” of Writing. Framed.








You’re sitting there writing. You look up.  And you see this.

“This” is the real deal: an inspired, inspiring and whimsical work by a professional artist with a thing for writing and writers.  Because she does that, too.

I ran across Barbara Rudolph at an art show, and of course when I saw this image I stopped dead in my tracks.  Turns out Stephanie Meyer had been by, too, and bought some of her work.  As had many others, many of whom, I’d guess, were writers. 

You can acquire a reproduction of this painting for yourself, by the way.  You don’t have to be Stephanie Meyer to afford it — unless you want the original, which is available — but then again, this isn’t a poster from Target, either. 

Barbara was kind enough to allow me to display this for your enjoyment.  Check out her website HERE… and her blog HERE.  She has several other book-themed pieces that incorporate that little literary (and literally) singing bird, metaphor and all.

Happy Easter to all!  May your stories all sing, and may somebody tweet them when they do.


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3 Responses to The “Art” of Writing. Framed.

  1. Christina

    Beautiful! And what an accurate, effective and simple way of capturing the art of writing:)

  2. Hey larry, didn’t know how else to get in touch with you. we’ve talked a few times. And i met you at manzanita last year.
    I’ve started a website, hoping to brand myself, and i’m looking to put content in from writers as well as myself. you came to mind. I would like, with your permission, to put out quotes from 101 tips. you would get the credit and a redirect back to your site. I don’t how this kind of content creation permission works, or if its possible, equatable, but i thought i would ask. no harm in that.
    thanks for your time.

  3. I, too, am a writer who’s been fortunate enought to consider Barbara Rudolph a personal friend. The benefits are enormous; constant insight into works in progress, and witness her inspiring awe of nature in general- to name a few. She created the book-cover for my first book “A Season For Savages” – by all accounst instrumental in its success- and is currently working on my next book.
    Who knew artists could be so invaluable…