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Let’s make it easy.

Just go to www.Paypal.com… then click the SEND MONEY link (it’s in the second row, right under the “Developers” tab).  From there it’s a quick 3-step process of entering an amount, the destination: storyfixer@gmail and your Paypal account ID/password.

Or click the button below to go directly to Paypal (if you don’t have a Paypal account, you can simply use a credit card; if you do have one, they’ll ask you to sign in):

Unless you’d rather send me, like, some cookies or something.

Thanks for helping me maintain this site.

4 Responses to tip jar

  1. Matthew McInnis

    Looks like your tip jar isn’t quite working. Clicking the link brought me to this page, where there’s a thank you message, a description of a “Big Ugly URL” and “less ugly tip jar”, but neither of those things in actual presence on the page. I will certainly send you a tip once it works.

    I have a question for you. I encountered software called Contour by Mariner Software (makers of StoryMill). I’m curious if you’ve used it and if you have an opinion. The structure certainly mirrors some of your descriptions of the scriptwriting model of storytelling. I’m not really looking to write a screenplay at this point, but the software looks like it might be useful as at least a learning aid. Anyway, I’m just curious what you think of it.

    Thanks for saying what I needed to hear, several times.


  2. Think I fixed it. Made it simpler, which is always good. Again, appreciate the heads up. L.

  3. Martha

    I don’t have a pay-pal account, so I’ll wait until you give us another alternative to show my thanks and gratitude. Your posts are the best among those I receive, and they have added to my education as a writer.

  4. Bonnita Davidtsz

    Hi Larry, Sent you an email some time ago, to thank you for agreeing to guide me in getting my novel up to scratch. And also to ask about the payment procedure and so on, but did not receive a reply. This pay-pal account seems to be the answer. Now, next point: how do I go about sending you the Beat Sheet, for starters? I assume you wouldn’t appreciate that sort of stuff to start cluttering up your Inbox. Also, should I only do bullets at this stage or expand on the scenes a bit more where I feel clarification is perhaps necessary? And what format do you prefer?
    Incidentally, passed Story Engineering on to a British writer who did a short workshop here (she’s still using old guide books, by the way), and was surprised that she expressed ignorance of it. Anyway, lent it to her and the next day she was enthusing about buying it for her course at Wits University’s Summer School. Many thanx Larry.

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