We’re Baaa-aaack…

Storyfix is back from a little trip to the digital Twilight Zone.  Rod Serling says hello… and if you don’t get that lame little joke, you’re under 40.  Good for you.

At least one person out there suffered severe anxiety, a sleepless night and a significant amount of gastronomic distress while Storyfix was hijacked by the evil Domain Gods. 


But we’re back, I’m breathing again, eating soft foods, and in dire need of a nap.

I’d like to thank my two patient and generous technical mentors for their help, both of whom are still engaged in some combination of head shaking and polite giggling.  Tolerance of the ignorant is a beautiful thing.

Yeah, the Domain lapsed.  I have excuses up the ying-yang, and when I get out of the corner and can get this pointy hat off my head, I’ll ‘splain.  For now… not that important, at least to you.  What’s good for all of us is that we’re back on the job focusing on how to write better stories.

I have a KILLER post coming soon.  As in, later today.  After I go snorkling. 

As Robert Downey Jr. said in the first scene of Ironman II… it’s good to be back.


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5 Responses to We’re Baaa-aaack…

  1. Patrick Sullivan

    I saw the lapse yesterday and was worried if you’d be able to get it back or not… Debated emailing you but figured you would notice fast enough on your own 😉

    Glad to see all’s well that ends well.

  2. Kelly

    Glad you’re back.
    Jealous of snorkeling, which I presume is still in Hawaii…

    Enjoy! Kelly

  3. Welcome back, Sir. It’s good to see you and StoryFix standing strong.

  4. Jen

    What if you got the Rod Serling reference AND are under 40?

  5. Got the T-shirt on the domain lapse. Suddenly my site wasn’t coming up. I had enough sense to check it out; the domain was registered by the hosting site (HostGator), so a 3-minute run with my debit card fixed it. Whew!