A Good Day to be a Writer… Part Deux

(The post below went out yesterday.  The photo above… didn’t.   A tech glitch… WordPress doesn’t like pasted-in photos, which was my only option since my shiney new iPad won’t allow me to download the required WordPress app… because Apple tells me that my password isn’t valid, even after I’ve changed it FOUR times on THEIR form.  If anybody can explain that one to me, I’m all ears.  Meanwhile — I get this isn’t exactly a career-changing post — but I wanted to finish this.  For those of you who think I may be completely void of personality.  More content soon.  L.)

This has been my office for the past week.  Really.

That’s my foot, in fact.

From this position — on Kauai, at the Princeville Westin Villas — I’ve delivered eight story evaluations for my new short-form story coaching program… polished over a hundred pages from my new writing book (that’s a placeholder cover on Amazon, by the way), which is due at the end of the month… wrote three chapters on a new project (a book about bliss within relationships… or not)… booked another webinar for Writers Digest University (for October 18, look for more on that soon)… finalized content for a workshop to be held in Portland, Oregon on November 10th (you’re invited, click HERE for more)…

… and it still feels like a vacation.

I write a lot – too much in the view of some – about how hard this is, or can be if we fight off what works in favor of what comes more naturally (by the way, that’s what wrecks a lot of relationships, too).  So I wanted to share this, just to say…

… I love this job.  Most of the time.


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11 Responses to A Good Day to be a Writer… Part Deux

  1. Kathryn Drew

    I’ve enjoyed your blog until I read today’s gloating post from Kauai…really a bit much. I mean, I’m happy for you but some of us are not quite so blessed.

  2. Laureli

    It’s beyond me how anyone could accuse you of writing too much. How many people are able to get themselves to Hawaii -or somewhere that’s not a ‘staycation’ – for a real vacation these days and actually enjoy it? Oh no doubt you’re a workaholic, but it’s enjoyable work- because like a writer, writing is like air is to breathing. Anyone accusing you just doesn’t get that, or only thinks they do.
    Now, how about a picture with a little more ‘leg’??

  3. @Socknitster

    Larry’s living the dream. He worked hard to get there. Do you begrudge him that pleasure? Get a grip on reality. I’m glad to hear of a hard working writer who can not only feed himself but can take a vacation, for goodness sake. It gives me hope, makes me work harder. That’s the American dream. Quit being a ‘victim’ and work for it.

  4. Love the foot. I’m sure you’ve earned your time in Hawaii. Gives us all hope…

  5. Happy for you. It’s a fabulous location, gorgeous weather, and inspiring view. I do mean inspiring–your post is proof positive that we can work hard and still enjoy the writer’s life. Thanks for the reminder. Now to work myself to Kauai…

  6. When Senator Margaret Chase Smith was asked why more women weren’t senators, she answered, “Because they don’t have wives.” Which, of course, was a nod to the work women often do to help along their husbands’ careers. I sometimes resent such mundane chores as having to shop for food or prepare my meals, because it takes time away from my writing. I’m curious, if you don’t mind answering, Larry, as to whether you have someone in the background helping along your career by taking care of the everyday nitty-gritty stuff. Your achievements are laudable and impressive on their own, but if you haven’t help, they’re even that much more notable.

  7. That’s one happy lookin’ foot there, Mr. Larry. Enjoy.

  8. alfa

    For the password glitch there are several things that you can try
    1.Open your Settings and go to the Safari option. From there click on “Clear History” and “Clear Cookies and Data”. Press the Clear button when prompted.

    2. https://iforgot.apple.com/cgi-bin/WebObjects/DSiForgot.woa/wa/iForgot

    3.If you are referring to a password setup for just that app, try contacting the app developer.
    4. In your Ipad go to settings, store, apple id-just remove the current apple id and re-register, voila.
    5. Call the apple!

  9. zlsasnett

    And a fine foot it is, too!

    I’m scraping my money together to get in on the short-form story coaching. I can’t pass up this golden opportunity to get some coaching from you.

  10. Lisa

    I certainly don’t begrudge your success. You share so many valuable tips and resources here for FREE – it has been a great part of my writer education, even though too many times I say “That’s a great idea” but don’t actually follow through. 🙁
    Maybe one day I’ll be writing on a beach in Hawaii, but maybe not. All I know is that I want to be the best writer I can be, and your blog is helping me do that. So, cheers to you, and enjoy!

  11. Seriously? You’re that close? You gonna float through Oahu at all? Just wondering. Tsk! How rude! My feelings are officially hurt. :p

    Whatever you do, enjoy your stay!

    Kauai will give you some much-desired peace and quiet, and chickens. I love roosters but most people think I should be committed. 🙂