A Radical NaNoWriMo Opportunity

Want to really slam your NaNoWriMo out of the park this year?

Like to live impulsively? 

Got a few hundred bucks laying around you’d be willing to throw at this?

Timing is everything.  And the timing for this is… perfect.

I’m doing a workshop in Oregon this coming weekend. 

All day Saturday and Sunday (Oct.29/30).  The day before your story comes to life.

Gonna be intense.  Epic.  And there are seats available.

The workshop is only $190, through the Oregon Writers Colony, a warm and welcoming and very professional organization for whom I’ve taught many times (most of the participants will be out-of-towners, by the way, many via Storyfix).  And, of course, there’s the expense of getting to/from Portland and something other than sleeping under a bridge (there are several nearby if that’s your thing).

This will be the most intense NaNoWriMo experience I can think of.  I’m already nervous… medics will be standing by.

Please consider it.  Hope you can join us.  It will change your novel, it might even change your life.

CLICK HERE to learn more and sign up.


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4 Responses to A Radical NaNoWriMo Opportunity

  1. Larry, wish I was closer to Portland! I’m sure your workshop will be phenomenal. Maybe some day you’ll consider branching out to the Minneapolis area (hint hint)… BTW, thanks for all the great teaching this month. There are lots of us out hear listening to you, even if we don’t comment much.

  2. Laureli Illoura

    Dana, it might come down to a duel – to call dibs on that “shotgun” position. LOL

  3. Come to Ann Arbor/Detroit! *sob* 🙂

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