A Value-Adding Interview

I normally wouldn’t create a new post just to pimp my book.  Put a pitch at the end of a post, yeah, I’m all over that.

But this is different.

I recently did an interview with Randy Ingermanson, the author of the #1 bestselling “Fiction Writing for Dummies.”  He’s also the author of six great novels, as well as a respected writing guru and the creator of one of one of the largest writing blogs and newsletters in the business.  The interview appears on that blog today.

And you can read it here.

Yes, it’s about the new book.  Of course it is.  Randy was kind enough to blurb the book, but he’s not the kind of guy to lend his name to something he doesn’t believe in.  Having his name and reputation behind this book is a great honor, for which I am most grateful.

Here’s the value-adding part — it’s about why the principles in the book work, with focus on a few of the issues that serious writers need to grasp, and often don’t.  A writing lesson in the clever disguise of an interview.

Also, there’s a little “gift with purchase” offer awaiting there, if you haven’t already bought the book.

Thanks.  Keep scrolling down to read Judy Dunn’s great guest blog if you haven’t read it yet. 

Up next: a few analogies about writing to keep your focus and sanity in check. 

Read some of the blurbs and three new reader reviews HERE.   At this writing it’s sitting at #569 on the overall Amazon.com list, and #1 on both the hard-copy and Kindle writing niche lists. 


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11 Responses to A Value-Adding Interview

  1. I ordered your book with bated breath from Amazon.com…only to have my dreams shattered when the book arrived witih the pages horribly bent and pages out of alignment! Amazon is trying to hold you back! LOL.

    Seriously, I am looking forward to digesting this diamond when my replacement copy comes. Thank you for sharing your beautiful knowledge with us.

  2. @E.J. — sorry to hear Amazon mangled your copy. Pls send me your address via email, I’ll make this right. L.

  3. Hi Larry
    I enjoyed reading the interview. It’s a very clear and compelling model of the components for writing good stories. Really useful. Thank you. I ordered your book a couple of days ago from Amazon. Would I be able to claim your generous offer?
    All best
    Cathy Dreyer

  4. Shirls

    Great interview with Randy. I have his Fiction Writing for Dummies and the long awaited Story Engineering arrives tomorrow. Good thing the weekend is coming up!

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  6. Hi Larry,
    I just finished reading a great book that I had to tell you about. It fits your writing structure philosophy perfectly. It has all the necessary parts of the story and can be deconstructed with the principles of your blogs and writings.
    Here is the deconstruction:
    The Hook: “You absolutely need to know, at the very core of your being, what a story is and what it isn’t. And everything in between.” (5% of story)
    First Plot Point: Chapter 9: The Three Dimensions of Character (23-25%)
    First Pinch Point: “Too many writers settle for the first dimension only. Even more writers focus on the second dimension to the exclusion of the third.” (28%)
    Second Plot Point: The Big Picture of Story Telling (“Many claim that there is no answer. They are wrong.”)(50%)
    You get the idea….I couldn’t put your new book down.

    I have struggled for months trying to focus on the parts of my novel that need to stay and need to go. The result has been a Rube Goldberg contraption that only a mother (or the author) could love. I knew it and I knew it wasn’t ready for prime time. Today I am writing a plan for my rewrite. In spite of a busy life, I just might get the thing done… and done right, by the summer conference season.

    Thanks for Story Engineering. It is a clear explanation of the danger of writing unconsciously and the power of writing consciously. My approach to the craft will never be the same.

    Steven Daniel (Steve Aguilu, Wenatchee, WA)

  7. Hi Larry,

    Randy sent me, but I’ve been a fan, believer, and stumbling practitioner of Story Structure since your presentation at the Write On The River conference last May. I bought both e-books, structure and character. And yesterday Story Elements arrived. I’m anxious to get to it. I like the feel of real books.
    I get storyfix and just read your interview with Randy. Needing all the help I can get (I read the Syd Field book), I hope I, too, qualify for the offer.
    All best,

  8. Congrats, Larry!! I am almost finished with the book and will be reviewing it soon (most likely next week). I am going to read the interview right now…

  9. Hey, Larry! Great interview with Randy. I’ve been following your blog for a year. Just ordered Story Structure from Amazon — it will great to have all the pieces inside one cover. Also looking forward to seeing your great bonus offer! Thanks….

  10. Marna Schaub

    I just got your book from Barnes and Noble in the mail today. I’m going to get started on it right away. I just wanted to let you know that one of the reasons I snatched it up right away was because of all the really helpful and relevant info you provide on your blog/website. Thank you so much and (please!) keep up the good work.

  11. christy


    I cannot believe I missed out on the gift with purchase!