Art Holcomb Wants to Talk To You

A personal message… and a massive Storyfix-only discount on one of the best learning opportunities I’ve ever seen.

You know Art. He’s a regular contributor here, and one of the most respected storytelling mentors in the business. (Use the search function to the right, just put in his name and you’ll get a list of his Storyfix posts, which are all stellar. Craft, mindset… he covers it all, as well as it can be covered.)

Art has been doing teleseminars for some time now, which he prices really affordably. Especially given the delivery of one full hour of his narrated, topic-specific mentoring, often accompanied by a guide you can print out. From that base he’s developed a comprehensive 10-week training course, called “Story Skills.”  It’s an idea-to-final-draft tutorial on the marriage of process and product, all within the context of reaching for a professional level of storytelling.

Not just getting it done… but getting it done at a publishable level that competes with the best novels in the business.

Click HERE for a specific description of each week of the course.  

If you’re serious about learning the craft of storytelling, this is a rare and rich opportunity to learn from a master.

The link will take you to a web page written specifically for Storyfix readers, offering a massive discount (over 50 percent!) on the regular fee for the program.  Heck, it’s a bargain at the regular price, but for us he’s offering it xclusively at a ridiculously low price.

Don’t let this one slip away.



Want a FREE copy (Kindle) of my new book, Chasing Bliss: A Layman’s Guide to Love, Fulfillment, Damage Control, Repair and Resurrection ?

If you’re one of the first ten to respond, you’re in.  (Sidenote: the paperback is now available, as well, though because of the cost of production isn’t part of this offer.)

Maybe that title speaks to you.  

I tackle this material the same way I approach the complex and layered challenge of telling stories — by breaking it all down into component parts, looking deep into the nature, function and application of each layer, and then rebuilding it all into a relational model in context to how the parts fit and how they can be optimized in the real world.

In other words, how to get your relationship back on track, maybe even better than ever.  How to reignite the passion and defuse the past. Literally, how to pursue a state of bliss at a level you may have written off as fantasy.

Relationships are hard, inconsistent and fragile.

We need to strive to become the best version of ourselves before we can expect the same from our partners. That’s what this book seeks to explore, while providing tools to help you understand, evolve and create a better life together.

Read the initial reader reviews HERE. I think you’ll be encouraged if you do.

Also, you can learn more — including an in-depth author interview — at

This is a no strings offer, good until midnight on Wednesday, August 31.  Just send me an email.  Because I’m traveling this week I may not respond immediately, but know that if you beat the deadline, I’ll send you a copy no later than next week. Hopefully it’ll help, as well as entertain. And maybe you’ll be up for doing an Amazon review if it does, and pointing your family and friends toward it, too. 

A caution though… this is tough stuff. The truth often hurts, and Chasing Bliss doesn’t flinch from it. But truth is the only path that takes us forward, because when truth collides with courage, amazing things can happen.

(Note: this isn’t an affiliate relationship. I don’t make a penny off of Art’s products, nor he mine. We recommend each other because we believe in the messages, the means and the inherent opportunity at hand. My goal with Storyfix has always been to get as much elite information into your hands as possible, as accessibly as possible. This represents that goal.)

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  1. Wow. What an incredibly generous offer. As you know, I loved Chasing Bliss. Highly recommend.

  2. Robert Jones

    Glad to see the ratings that are coming in on Chasing Bliss. All 5 stars too…and totally worth it. This is a great book.

  3. I really like your blog write-up which is obviously informative & fantastic…. Keep sharing more… Thanks a lot!!!