Best Writing Tip Redux

In the name of getting a new post up here on a daily basis (okay, 5 to 6 days a week), I wanted to explain…

I’m leaving the prior post — “The Writing Tip That Changed My Life” — front and center as the latest real entry for at least another day.  Just scroll down a bit, it’s there waiting for you.

The response has been wonderful and close to overwhelming (can we really be overwhelmed by gratitude and love?), and if you’re new to, or if you missed it since last Friday, I think that piece is a good introduction to the spirit and intention of this site.

Someday soon I’ll have stuff available here that will require a credit card and a leap of faith.  Then, too, my goal will be to deliver siginifant value, rest assured.  But for now, everything here on is free.  The best business advice I’ve ever heard is to deliver value, first and foremost, and when you do that over time the business will come.

Writing is, to paraphrase, one percent inspiration, one percent karma and 98 percent perspiration, all of it wrapped up in a warm blanket of faith.  I”m gonna cover all of those bases with this website.

See you tomorrow for another on-the-nose sermonette about writing better and getting more for each drop of sweat invested.  Please do come back.


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