Click and Read About My Three Favorite Writing Tips

This morning I have a guest post over at Routines for Writers called “My Three Favorite Writing Tips of All Time.”  Click HERE to go there.

The site belongs to Stephanie Shackelford, who in addition to offering killer posts on the writing life, has a monthly “author crush” feature (blush).  Check out her archives for posts from the likes of Randy Ingermanson (he of “Fiction Writers for Dummies” fame, currently #2 on Amazon’s top fiction writing books; by the way, my own soon-to-be-published book is currently at #38 in the top 100), Julie Garwood, and Jennifer Lyon, among other cool writers and writing teachers.

Tomorrow I’ll continue my own author series, “Top Ten Tuesdays,” with a wonderful piece from Joanna Penn (click here for her blog, The Creative Penn, and check out the cool new video for her new novel, Pentecost, which sounds really fascinating in a Whisper of the Seventh Thunder sort of way).

On Wednesday I’ll have a guest post running at Carol Tice’s site (she of last week’s “Top Ten Tuesdays”).  She’s launched a cool new webinar tomorrow, so if you’re a freelancer looking to get started and/or get better, cick here to go to Make a Living Writing to check it out.

Correction (hey, it happens…): earlier today I’d posted that tomorrow’s guest post would be from K.M Wieland, she of Wordplay, which was one of the Top Ten Sites for Writers, too.  Her post will be next Tuesday, the 15th.  

We may be Top Ten bloggers, but we by gosh sure could use a Top Ten Assistant to keep this stuff straight.  


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  1. Jason Mark Anderman

    I tried buying your Story Structure Demystified book, but your payment processor said that your account was suspended for an unspecified rules violation and wouldn’t let me complete the transaction.

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