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PDF DF Inner Life

Enjoy!  More soon.

2 Responses to Deadly Faux Deconstruction Ebook Page

  1. I saw you at the Willamette Conference. Great job! I facilitate a writers group in a small Texas town near Dallas. Thank you. Your words encourage our group.

    Ruth Glover

  2. Hi Larry,
    A quick not to say thank you. This morning, I thought I was merely procrastinating instead of getting stuck into necessary editing when I downloaded this – turns out I was wrong, and this was exactly the right tool I needed, arriving at the right time.

    As an initial pantser, it must either have been blind luck, or just maybe years of reading great stories and learning through osmosis, that allowed me to construct a story almost spot on the target points, right up until just after the midpoint – where even as I was writing, I sensed something was “off” with the structure.

    That’s the part I should be editing now and for the next week or so. Your guide has just given me the insight I needed to sort out that flabby late mid-section, get the pinch-point allocated in it’s proper place, and tweak the ramp-up to the ending. Thank you.

    On being a pantser…

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