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by Larry Brooks on December 11, 2012

What a week.  What a frustrating, crappy week.

Best intentions… I sent out a newsletter with two free gifts. Happy Holidays to all.

Turns out one of the links was broken (my fault), and (when fixed) both links were limited to 100 downloads a day (not my fault, other than selecting the wrong place to do the delivery).  To give you an idea how frustrating for all this was, including me, I received a “notice of non-delivery” for EVERY failed download attempt… over 1000 of them.

If you think I’ve been idly sitting here twiddling my thumbs on this, you’re wrong.

I quickly researched an alternative delivery method, found one, and then sent it to the newsletter subscriber list.  But then,, the email distributor (the subscriber database is too big — over 4000 — to use traditional email, it crashes it), stepped in to FREEZE that email (because I’d sent out an ill-fated rescue email earlier that day, prompted a robot on their end to stop the presses, fearing it was SPAM), and now they won’t respond to my requests for help.

Message to — bad service gets lip service online.  Here’s yours.

Anyhow, the downloads are now hosted on THIS website, and the direct links are here:

Revised Search For Story Proposal 2[1]

Read the Intro (at least) on that last one… reads like a killer post, and delivers serious perspective. And… it sold the book.

I apologize for the inconvenience.  Hope you enjoy these.




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