A Free 3-Minute Video Workshop… On Turning Your Story “Idea” into a Viable Story “Premise

I just found this on Youtube. Didn’t know it was there.

It was shot by my friend Mindy Halleck at the 2013 Willamette Writers Conference.  (Check out her award-winning novel, Return to Sender, here.)

I offer it today for three reasons.

First… this is Storyfix, the entire mission here being to deliver tools and wisdom you can apply directly to your story, and/or your process. This video does that.

Then… I’m hoping you found yourself engaged. The on-screen Powerpoint in the background isn’t visible, but that’s okay in this instance — you can take away a massive amount of valuable information just by listening, and watching me sit there (bad back that day; normally I roam the front of the room ranting like Chris Rock talking politics) getting all worked up about this message.

And thirdly… this is a core message. It cuts directly to the heart of why some writers struggle with their stories. If you let it sink in, it might cut years off your learning curve, or at least your apprenticeship.


fiver-posterIf you like what you see, please consider opting-in to my mailing list for the soon-to-launch Storyfix Virtual Classroom Experience, which will offer video tutorials and Master Classes on a wide breadth of titles on the craft of writing a great novel, sooner that you would otherwise. You’ll receive the first training – Essential Craft for Emerging Novelists – for free (a Master Class-level experience), and a rollout-discount of 25% on all other modules going forward.

Click HERE to view the trailer for this series, and use the sign-in form at the bottom of the page.

Thanks for considering this… I hope you found this worth your time today.  Always my highest goal.


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8 Responses to A Free 3-Minute Video Workshop… On Turning Your Story “Idea” into a Viable Story “Premise

  1. John V

    Yes, wonderful, passion-driven, and wholly engaging material.

  2. Martha Miller

    Concept vs. Premise always makes me blink. Huh? But for some reason, this time it clicked. Concept: The Big Idea. Premise: The Big Idea with a Hero with Obstacles and Stakes.
    Thanks, Larry!

  3. Kerry Boytzun

    Larry is the perfect presenter: informative, groundbreaking, thoughtful, eye-opening, complex yet distilled to an understandable format. And entertaining.

    His programs are great to see and listen to.

    Larry Rocks!

    • Kerry… thanks for this enthusiastic endorsement. We’ve become friends here online, and I appreciate your support. And, your thoughtful contributions to the discussions. L.

  4. Wow! This is awesome, Larry. Love your passion!!! It’s also nice to put a voice to the face.

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  7. Bridgett E

    Wow, I just watched your mini video workshop and I can honestly say that I didn’t take a breath the entire time you spoke – Totally mesmerizing, didn’t want to miss a single thing — So engaging, so logical, so informative, so amazingly passionate, like a light bulb just animated every sense of my being. It makes a whole ton of sense- It hit home in a big way.
    What an amazing concept to teach aspiring writers and deliver it in a calm structural breakdown so anyone can understand it. The beauty about this is that you don’t cut corners, you deliver it raw as it should be, not sugar coated, yet cognizant of newbies tender feeling… – and the rewind button serves us future authors well.
    I can imagine this workshop is worth two years of creative writing, without the frustration of a temperamental, unapproachable Prof. —
    Count me in for a front row seat – This is going to be good!
    You Sir, are Brilliant!