Help Reinvent Storyfix 3.0

Let’s work together… help me help you make your stories great.

Many of you reading Storyfix have been with me here for years. I’ve gotten to know some of you personally, which is one of the best things about doing this work. Hopefully, those of you who are new have discovered the depth and nature of writing information and coaching at hand, which is the reason so many have, in fact, been part of this journey.

But it is time to move forward into the next evolution of Storyfix.

Storyfix has always been about elevating your understanding of the core competencies and subtle nuances of crafting a story – a novel or a screenplay – that works. There have been nearly 100o posts thus far (about 25% of which have been taken down when newer posts rendered them redundant), leading to three #1 bestselling craft books, dozens of workshop/conference bookings and other extensions of my teaching. Many of you have contacted me with specific issues that led to posts, and more than a few have written to share that this information has helped them land an agent or a publisher.

So let’s turn the page and go even deeper.

Let’s turn you into a Master Storyteller by cutting a few years off  your learning curve. Or for some, perhaps for the first time, clarifying what that learning curve looks like.

I’d like to work with you to take Storyfix to the next level.

My vision for the next generation of this website is to build a catalog of actual downloadable training programs – very much like you’d see at a writing workshop or conference – using replayable Powerpoint and audio/video assets. This will deliver a virtual classroom training context… thus, the name of this program: The Storyfix Virtual Classroom Experience.

I could whip out a list of dozens of training topics, and quickly. But I’d rather listen. Listen to you.

Because this is all about you.

I am asking you to tell me what you need. What you’d like to see covered.

Tell me what your story development and writing issues are. Specific problems and areas of focus. I will use this input to craft the first wave of training programs, which I intend to create and make available in the next month.

Meanwhile – and going forward – I will continue to post free content on a regular basis (some using video), with helpful guest posts and story deconstructions, as well. Think of these as “training shots” that deliver a point of craft, on-the-nose or nuanced, just as you’ve seen here in the past.

About the pricing for these training modules:

The context of that is expressed as a goal: to deliver value far in excess of what you’ve paid. A multiple of the access fee. For roughly the cost of two movie tickets, a big bag of popcorn and a couple of sodas, you will be able to choose from a menu of training modules across a breadth of titles and lengths, from 30 minutes to one hour, as well as longer multi-module programs. Each entry will go deep into the issues you’ve identified, and all will go beyond the what to deliver the how. What you purchase and download will be yours to use going forward.

My commitment is this: at the end of one of my training sessions, you will be a better, more enlightened storyteller and narrative artist than when it began.

If you’ve ever been to one of my live workshops sessions, you know how this goes: intense, passionate, empathetic (because I’ve been where you are), with clear and directly applicable definitions, examinations and demonstrations of what makes a story work, what makes a story soar, even what makes a bestseller.  You will learn things about developing stories that you won’t hear anywhere else, or at least not framed and clarified in this way.

These training deliverables will work within any process – pantser or planner and everything in between – and in any genre. (Some modules will be genre-specific).

Please send your thoughts and feedback to, or use the contact form here on the Home Page.

An incentivized Opt-in for updates:

I’m developing a mailing list for updates and discount offers on these training modules. Sign up and you’ll receive the first training program totally free, prior to public release – “Essential Elements of Craft for New Novelists.” Subtitle: Five Critical Story Practices That Will Quickly Up Your Writing Game… or Sink It If Left Untended” – 30-minutes), which will give you a taste of what you’ll experience in my virtual classroom venue.

Please use the form below to sign up for the Storyfix Virtual Classroom mailing list, which will send you announcements of new training modules, with discounts for enrollees.  Even if you’re already a Storyfix subscriber, this new list will be specific to the training products, so please opt-in for the discounts and updates. Of course the list doesn’t obligate you to anything, or cost you anything… it just keeps you in the loop for new products and exclusive discounts for enrollees.

Let’s do this together.

Who knows how high your writing dream can go when armed with a deeper knowledge and hands-on sensibility relative to the complex craft of writing a story that works.


Please sign up to receive email updates and new product announcements for this series of training programs. As an incentive, you will receive the first program – Essential Craft for New  Novelists – completely free.

Use the form in the left-hand column of this Home page.


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19 Responses to Help Reinvent Storyfix 3.0

  1. I’m in! Can’t wait!!!

  2. I’m in! Looking forward to it.

  3. I cannot wait to see what Larry comes up with. He is, without a doubt, one to the premier craft teachers in the business today. An excellent mentor, best selling author – a source that walks the walk!

    Let’s all hear from his loyal fans – believe this is gonna be GREAT!

  4. Lj Bousquet

    I recommend you to every writer I meet, Larry, and I am thrilled about this. Can’t wait to see it. Thanks again for your generosity to all of us.

  5. I’ve been in close to day one. You only get better. I’m still in.

  6. Larry, through Storyfix, I met Art Holcomb. My copies of your craft books look as if I dunked them in yellow highlighter, then gave a five year old a pen and turned her loose.

    Heck, yes, please sign me up!

  7. Great idea! I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

  8. I’m SO looking forward to the next evolution of StoryFix. Having been here since the very beginning, it’s been cool to see the growth and transitions. Keep rocking it!, LB!

  9. Looking forward to it – I’m sure you’ll create fantastic training videos! I hand out a sheet of resources at every writing workshop I teach, and is the top site listed on it. This will be great both for me and for my students. I hope, however, that you’ll continue to have some written posts, as well. Often I only have a little chunk of time – not enough to listen to an hour or even a half-hour video – but just enough time to read your newest post in my inbox.

  10. I recognize that some people learn more quickly by what they see, and for them, this sounds like a terrific way to reach them. In contrast, I learn better from what I read. So I’d like to suggest that you accompany each video with a pdf of it’s content if that’s not too much of a problem.

    I’ve been following you for years, and I’ve never been disappointed in what you teach writers and how valuable your expertise is to us.

    Good luck with this new venture!

  11. I actually do like the blog. The written form is good for me, but that’s also because I want to write.

    But, I want to make a suggestion as a teacher about the videos: keep them short and to the point. With video, you run into the attentional span problem. I’ve made some instructional videos for the classes I teach: there is a whole Algebra 1 course out there, and hopefully soon a Physics course. I aimed for 5 minute videos for Algebra 1 (younger kids). With Physics, I will aim between 5-10 minutes and I suggest the same for you. Drill down to one specific topic per video.

    The occasional deconstruction or something may deserve a longer video, but attention span is a real problem with video.

    When I read this blog post, I jumped around first, looked at headings, and only then read it, paying more attention to some parts than others. With video you can’t do that easily. So, a shorter video is a big help.

  12. Shane Arthur

    I think a module of any course you produce should be deconstructions of famous movies we all love in various genres. Simple fill out the circus tent story structure diagram for each classic movie, and create a pdf of it and a video explaining all the points covered in the diagram for each movie. What’s cool about this idea is that it provides you with content for your paid program, but the pdfs can also serve as free, passive-income items by turning them into a book. You are creating two streams of income out of one item you create. And the audience is getting something they really would find fascinating, regardless of whether they ever go on to write their own book. We love our favorite movies so much, that having them broken down in this manner would be a wonderful item to pay for.

    Just my two cents.

  13. Great post with strong message. Thanks