Storyfix Manuscript Analysis Services

Your story: reviewed… chewed… renewed.

The Storyfixer — Larry Brooks – is available for individualized manuscript evaluation and story coaching. This service is available for novels, screenplays and outlines (and other developmental documents), and on an hourly basis for story development and other coaching issues.

This is the full-meal deal, separate from the other story plan evaluations (at $195 and $95).

How is different from other manuscript edit/critique services?

Your story coach at is a fulltime working author, a bestselling novelist and screenwriter who brings over two decades experience in teaching the craft of storytelling to the role. While traditional “editing” tells you what’s wrong with your story, the higher goal at Storyfix is to help you improve your story through balanced story-telling execution, and by exploring creative solutions and alternatives. is all about adding value. Your project will be analyzed using a developmental model called The Six Core Competencies of Successful Storytelling, which focuses on concept, structure, character and theme as criteria-based story issues, and then scene writing and writing voice as executional issues. Only when these six elements are solidly in place will the power of your story become fully realized, and the chane of publication being realized. Your story: unblocked, unleashed and uninhibited.

As context, each of those Six Core Competencies will be juxtaposed against known realms of “story physics” to assess what works and what doesn’t.  A story can be technically sound but still less than compelling… story physics is key to making sure this doesn’t happen.

Services and Fees

There are several ways to work with, all of them easy. Your work, and/or a Questionnaire about the project, will receive a careful reading, followed by a thoughtful and thorough written evaluation, called the Coaching Document. It is here where each aspect of your story’s relationship with The Six Core Competencies of Successful Storytelling – concept, structure, character, theme, scenes and voice – along with format, marketability and any other execution issues, will be evaluated, discussed and empowered with value-adding ideas to make your story even better. The Coaching Document will be returned to you within two to three weeks of submission, via email.

Digital manuscript submissions are preferred (though hard copy submissions are accepted). is committed to delivering value. These services are priced not simply to be competitive with other manuscript services, but to make them accessible to writers at all levels. Your complete and total satisfaction is the complete and total goal.

One note, though: if you’re looking simply for validation rather than constructive input, please look elsewhere. I’ll tell you honestly what I like about your story and your writing. I’ll also tell you honestly what I don’t feel is working, and what can be done about it to make your story better.

I don’t believe in brutal honestly. I believe in clarity, which can sometimes feel like brutality. I know what feedback feels like, and I’m empathetic. But I won’t be serving you if I’m anything less than clear – that’s what you’re paying for, and that’s what you’ll receive from me.

Know this: always, at all times in the process, I’m rooting for you and your story to succeed.


Novels come in all sizes and shapes. Because of the wide variability of manuscript length, fees are based on page count, and assumes an appropriate word count (suitable margins, double spacing, and the use of 12-point Courier type; other formats will default to word count for pricing benchmarks). The Basic Service does
not include line editing (the identification of typos, grammatical errors and format issues), which is quoted below.

BASIC FULL MANUSCRIPT EVALUATION – $1800 per manuscript (400 pages maximum; additional pages at $2.50 each). Outlines and partial/unfinished manuscripts bill at a rate of $2.50 per page, with a $150 minimum.

THE AMAZING STORY COACHING ADVENTURE – utilizing an in-depth Questionnaire to identify your concept, premise and major story milestones, all of which illuminate the likelihood of an effective story.  Fee: $195 (a 48- hour “Rush” is available for an extra $50, to fund my midnight hours work; click link for more information on this level.)

THE KICK-START CONCEPTUAL ANALYSIS – utilizing an abbreviated Questionnaire focusing on the identification of the conceptual core of your story, and how it it launched via your planned First Plot Point story beat.  Fee: $95 (again, a 48-hour Rush upgrade is available; click link for more information on this level.)

FIRST QUARTILE ANALYSIS – an evaluation of your “opening act” (the Part 1 quartile, up through your First Plot Point), in context to a short Questionnaire asking you to summarize how the rest of the story will play out.  Fee: $450.


Screenplays bill at a flat fee of $750 (maximum page count of 140 pages; assumes standard screenplay format), and includes the same story planning Questionnaire in addition to the read/evaluation of the full draft.

Full payment is required prior to the beginning of each evaluation. Contact me via email ( for my address for submission of payment and your manuscript.

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“Larry Brooks’ insights are well thought-out and he’s available for give-and-take to help you further understand the problem(s) in your script. He knows how to critique work without critiquing you – meaning if your writing is weak, he’ll say what you need to hear but at the same time, you end up inspired to get back to work.”

“Trying to keep character, plot, setting and theme all working in my stories at the same time felt like juggling way too many flaming torches. Then I heard Larry Brooks’ four-corners approach to plotting and I stopped worrying about getting burned.”

“I so much enjoyed the whole conference, particularly your lectures. It will take me days to sort out the rich tapestry.”

“I wanted to tell you that I enjoyed your presentation. You helped me to clarify some of my thinking on the development of a novel. I decided to start, that is to actually take up pen and paper and start writing fiction.”

“Larry, I want to thank you for a great workshop in OKC. You really said some things I needed to hear. Do you share your definition of writer’s block? If so, I’d really like to have it to post in my writing room to remind me that I’m the one controlling it!”

“Thank you so much for your participation in the OWFI Writers’ Choice Conference. Everyone loved your sessions. You did an excellent job.”

“The workshop gets 100% from me. Your teaching style is informative and entertaining. Liked the film clips, too. No suggestions for improvement.”

“I don’t want my money back… I think I owe you quite a few more dollars. I was such a sponge all weekend long! Loved the humor, don’t change a thing, and thanks a million.”

“Within the time frame allowed, you covered an amazing amount of material with good humor and wisdom, all seasoned with your own experience. Good stuff.”

“Excellent seminar. I got more out of it than I though (I would). Clear, easy to understand information and guidelines. You know how to write and how to explain.”

“I appreciate your generosity of spirit. I have taught for years. I have conducted workshops. Yours was excellent. In the tremendous battle to create art, by your writing and more importantly your gift to us of what you know, you are a warrior.”

“I have never received so many pieces of the puzzle to writing. The squares to create each 100 pages is the best! I cannot imagine what you could have done to make it better. Your experience and humor made it so helpful and memorable.”

11 Responses to Storyfix Manuscript Analysis Services

  1. I have been a lyricist for some time and recently wrote my first young adult novel based on a screen play I couldn’t sell. (I had sold a screenplay previously (co-writeen) which was butchered by Lifetime). I was fortunate to get interest from my first choice agent on my YA novel and as I await her notes I wanted to begin another one that I have been thinking about for a while. I wonder if you teach any classes in the LA area in which one can actually develope a book using your method? I am nowhere near an outline on this one. Just ideas shooting into the air a nd crashing into each other. I am a Sid Fields fan and find that structure is what I hate and need most. If you do not teach a class here do you have a course in which you bat ideas around and help an author find their architecture.? I also seem to be one of those people who loves reading about writing but the more I read the more blocked and overwhelmed I get.

    Thanks for your site…your thinking is clear, your writing informative and amusing and right on the money.


  2. Evonne M. Biggins

    Hi, Larry, it’s me again, hoping I’m not sounding like a stalker…..

    My friend and I were going to go to Jantzen, Beach to your October workshop but the total cost (from Idaho to Portland) is too much for old retired ladies. (CRYCRYCRY!!!). The people there were so helpful, offered to pick us up from the station and such, but unless we win the big lottery, we can’t swing it.
    So, though this Manuscript Evaluation and Coaching sounds interesting, we wonder if you have an online workshop going on or plan to do that?

    Thanks again, Evonne

    Thanks, Evonne

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  4. “The world is your workshop, and it’s time to start taking notes.” Love that line. Love the book.

  5. Greetings and Many Accolades from Chicago, I Live in Schaumburg,Il. To the point, I ‘m a man who started writing seriously, one year ago. Thank God I found you through , Randy Ingermanson, I’ve spent the last six months studying your Storying Engineering Book. This a great no B.S. help. My writing group says I’m the most Improved…..I’m anxious to get you review.

    Now I’m saving up $150.00 to submit the first 60 pages of my novel…..L.F.D.

  6. This text is worth everyone’s attention. Where can I find out more?

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  10. Groves

    Thank you very much for your great analysis and clear comments about my concept/premise. I appreciated the level of detail you applied and the questions that you raised. All very helpful. This was a fabulous value!

  11. Brad Bederman

    A close friend said that true stories are more marketable than fiction. He told me that my real life story is interesting enough that I don’t have to fictionalize it. Can you give me a second opinion?

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