Published! My New Writing Book is Now Available!

At least, for ordering online in trade paperback and as Kindle and Nook editions.  Bookstores are usually a little late to the party, but they may have it by now, as well.  I’m guessing, though, it will be a bit down the road for them, a few days or a week or so.

Which new book?  “Story Fix: Transform Your Novel from Broken to Brilliant

Published by Writers Digest Books.

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My goal with this book was, from the beginning, to write a fresh and immediately useful text on how to write and rewrite a novel, and make it unlike any book on the subject ever written.  The craft and its glorious moving parts are presented in a completely different context, one that challenges as it illuminates, and there are specific exercises, definitions, checklists and examples to help you navigate these tricky waters.

Mostly, though, the book is about you, the author.  About why we do what we do, in the vastly differing ways we do them, and why that may or may not serve you or even work at all.  It’s not a book that sells outlining over pantsing, it’s a book about how to make any writing process more effective, and have that happen sooner rather than later, with fewer drafts and better drafts.

A Reviewer’s Perspective

Rather than pitch this any further to you myself, I’ve included one of the early reviews, which says it better than I’d dare attempt.  She captured my intentions fully, and translates them for you from the reader/writer’s perspective.

A Craft Book Unlike Any Other

By Sue Coletta on September 27, 2015

Format: Paperback
Five stars for Story Fix! I absolutely loved this author’s previous craft books. Actually, they are the reason I got published. Bold statement, I know, but it’s true. So when I heard he had a new craft book out, I could hardly wait to read it. In this little book of heaven, Larry Brooks walks you through possible reasons why your story failed. And then, he helps you to revise it in order to make it publishable. The really cool thing about this book is that it’s set up like a private workshop, where he asks you to evaluate your own work using a grading system. Later, he has you go back to your initial grades and re-evaluate, knowing he’s given you the golden ticket on how to revise. Amazing! I’ve never read a craft book quite like this before. If you’ve received rejection letter after rejection letter, you owe to yourself to find out why. Don’t you? This incredible craft book will show you where you went wrong IF you’re honest with yourself. I’m so pumped up after reading this book I can’t wait to dive back into the story I’m working on. Buy. This. Book. Make your dreams come true. Story Fix will show you how. This book isn’t only for the unpublished, by the way. The day we stop studying the craft is the day we should stop writing. One of the truly great things about this industry is that there’s always more to learn. Story Fix will also enhance your skills.


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6 Responses to Published! My New Writing Book is Now Available!

  1. Hot Dog. First book I ever pre-ordered!

  2. This craft book really is amazing, Larry. Because of your excellent and clear teachings, I know exactly where I veered off course in my WIP. Thank you!

  3. Kerry Boytzun

    I have the kindle version and have been really getting a lot out of it. I’m going to do a review when I’m finished, as each chapter brings me more enlightenment.

    Probably this crowd is the choir that needs no preaching to, but, I must say that the author needs to use their inner intuitive mind, not the logical mind, to get the most out of this book. The right brain if you will.

    We are conditioned to only use the left brain, the sequential, linear only, two-dimensional mindset best summed up that their are “two sides to every story”. Anyone believing there are only two sides is only using their left brain. HERE…is where most people stop reading. Because their left brain goes into “stuff this guy’s blah blah into a category that I already KNOW what he is talking about”.

    This is best shown by the crowd, especially the younger, who believe that the answer you get from your smart phone (Google, etc.) is the same as KNOWING. Bullcrap! Googling “wet” is not knowing what wet is, and the opposite, what dry is, plus all the ramifications of it.

    The reason Larry and people like myself use analogies is because we USE our right brains a LOT. People who are tired of analogies reveal their weak Right brains. Sorry but I call it like I sense it.

    Star Wars is popular for The Force. The Force IS the right brain. USE IT.

    I stress all the above because we run into people who read Larry’s books who don’t GET IT, because their Right brain is OFF, and they want the video to show the steps on writing a story.

    Larry tells you, your Right Brain, how to recognize a draft that is poor, all the structural areas that aren’t working, and all the other ones too.

    Most of all, he challenges you with the non-linear word of “worth” in regards to, “Is your story worth telling”? Left brain says “worth” = $MONEY/hour. Right brain says “worth” is something with far more sides than only TWO.

    If you open your heart, your senses, your FORCE–you will get a TON of WISDOM out of this book!


  4. The copy I ordered at Willamette Writers Conference in August arrived today! My husband calls the postman the “Bookmobile” since I usually receive a “book a day.” But this completes my set of your books on fiction, which I am using to write nonfiction. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and expertise with those of just beginning to make our way to the published world.

  5. Brian Hoffman

    This is a great book for serious writers. I wish I could say that I’ve thrown myself into it. It is far to important to race through. Rather, I’m going slow and absorbing each idea. I’m on page 50 and I’ve already realized that my own WIP need a lot of help.

    Thank you.

  6. Thanks to all for your generous comments about the book. Having written two previous books on craft, I really wanted this one to go to the next level, and it appears you’re experiencing it within that context.

    My wife and I are in France celebrating our 20th anniversary. Just this morning we walked less than half a mile to a 13 century castle that, with barely any renovating, include individual apartments. What a way to life, perfect for writing the next novel. Off to the Loire Valley tomorrow for four days of castle/chateau oggling, then to Paris for 10 days of exploring. We’re not rich by any means, so I don’t say “we’re in Paris” lightly, but it is a trip of a lifetime, very inspiring. A much needed pause after the intensity of writing for a living.