Wong bookstor

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  2. best laugh I have had for awhile, had to share it with all my friends! Thanks Larry

  3. Could that be any funnier…I don’t think I could ever lose my book though. I’ve got the damn thing memorized from reading and revising it so much.

  4. Love it! Thanks for the laugh.

  5. Shut the front door! Flippin hysterical!

  6. Bwahahahaaa! *snort* Funny!

  7. Jan Romes

    Made me laugh out loud! 🙂

  8. Martha Miller

    Is that for real? Is there a bookstore out there with a name like that?

  9. V. J. Wilcox

    Titles do matter!

  10. Too Funny. We have Fu King Chinese Restaurant in our town.

  11. You’re telling me!!! I love this. I would go to China or wherever this is just to get my own picture. LOL

  12. This is a great store. I suggest an immediate opening in America, lol.

  13. That is hilarious! I think I was in that bookstore last week but it was called Borders.

  14. Mark Lawrence

    Ha. Reminds me of the phone call about Fu King the chef.

  15. Cuzn Patty

    That’s right up there with Wun Hung Lo!

  16. Monica

    That is great! A great end to my day. Thanks again, Larry!

  17. So, is that where folks who don’t follow your writing tips end up? 😀

  18. That was hilarious… I’m not a writer and got this link from your guest post on ProBlogger. That was good advice and I am defiantly going to implement your ideas on my blog.

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