SH beat sheet (partial)

A Partial Narrative Beat Sheet for “Schmitt Happens” 


Phillip Valentine taken, witnesses “example” killing, told his daughter kidnapped.  The mob wants “in” on the expansion plans of the Xanadu hotel.


Wolf on date with new girlfriend.  He confronts punks being rude to her.  Is called out.

Meets a supposed federal agent, who wants to launch his “next assignment.”

In Vegas, we meet Lynn Valentine, watching her husband in a tryst with a bimbo.  Her loyal security guy asks if she wants the employee fired, but Lynn says no.  She has other plans for her.  And for him.

Later, with her lover, she agrees to a plan of revenge; the lover will set it up for her.  (We meet the man with no thumbs, who seems to be Lynn’s personal valet.)  She even knows how to do it (all they need is the “guy” to make it happen).

Lover makes a discreet call to an unknown party – she bit, it’ll work.

Wolf, says no, tries to get on with his life.  But his money is frozen, and he again meets with the fed (who shows up), who explains the assignment in greater detail.  (When he leaves, we see that Wolf still has the glass with his prints on it from the restaurant; he calls Blaine.)

Wolf goes to Seattle to visit Sherlock, a “real” federal agent (from first book).  Sherlock says he isn’t aware of any such new assignment, but he’ll look into it.

In Vegas – (similar to Prologue): Phillip taken to remote location, witnesses a woman being tortured (got a tip, she’s an informant for a rival faction of the mob trying to move in here, they’re sending a message; we recognize her as the lover Phillip was with when his wife saw them); this is supposed to scare him into finalizing the “deal” that the mob wants done (allude to surviving daughter).  Phillip explains his wife won’t sign (stock deal, required to make the regulatory bodies happy); it’s up to Phillip to coerce her, or their daughter will get this, then him.

When Wolf gets back to PDX, there’s an email waiting for him (or, make a tense scene where it appears Wolf is being kidnapped, or seduced – when he won’t yield to the seduction, she pulls a gun, they sneak out of the bar) but it’s the feds, arranging for a “safe” communication): the assignment is legit, he should go for it.  Sherlock promises to keep an eye on things from his end, that if anything goes wrong, Wolf should call him directly.

We see that someone is watching Wolf.  It’s his supposed ex-girlfriend.

Vegas: Phillip negotiating this with his wife, arguing, alluding to the fate of their daughter and the need to protect her (to sign the documents the mob wants signed); she says she wants him to move back into their suite, be married again.

Vegas: Later, we see Lynn with lover (a woman; we’ll later recognize her as Cherie, the Pilot).  Lynn tells her Phillip is moving back in with her… just like she instructed.  Lover tells her she’s found the guy to execute the plan.  (The dynamic here: Lynn is a reluctant lover, but Cherie seems to want her “reward” for helping her.)

(PP 1: it’s on.  Lynn has found the guy — Schmitt. Everything shifts, for everybody.)


A “wrap” chapter showing how Wolf puts his life in Portland on hold again; goes to flight school in (          ), training on the same type of airplane Lynn Valentine owns.

Duncan Stevens show up, gives him his marching orders.  He’ll be introduced as the pilot; Lynn Valentine won’t know his real mission.  He needs to begin the seduction process, then, when he’s got her trust, it will be revealed he’s her hit man.

Is picked up by his “FBI mole” contact, Cherie Augman, who is Lynn V.’s chief pilot, and the person who will “hire” Wolf as the new co-pilot.  She is very close to Lynn, and has promised to help her find someone who can deliver her revenge.  (It is revealed here that this is, in fact, Lynn’s lover and the person setting all this up.)  He demonstrates his flight proficiency for her (she arranges an unplanned stall, tense scene).  Says Lynn doesn’t know his real mission, which will be revealed to her later.  He needs to win her trust first – she’ll help him with that.

Interview with Lynn Valentine.  She asks strange questions; he says and does the unexpected, takes risks.  She warns him to stay away from her husband, who will be threatened by him.  (We see, meet, the thumbless man again.)

Wolf receives anonymous warning – watch your ass, all is not what it seems. (This will ultimately come from the no-thumbs guy, who is the “real” fed mole in this story.)

Wolf unexpectedly “interviewed” by Phillip Valentine (veiled threats here).

Wolf “defends” Lynn’s honor from an aggressive photographer who crosses the line.  (He’ll assume this was a set up, but it’s not, it was real.)

Lynn tries to seduce Wolf, but he shuts her down, making himself even more attractive to her.

Cherie tells Wolf that he’s about to be offered the contract; his response will be arsenic poisoning, which he needs to understand.

They “offer” Wolf the job, discuss Lynn’s objectives and need for safety.

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