A Short Primer (Video) on Story Structure… and Why It May Not Be What You Think It Is

I had a strategic opening all whipped up that introduces some of the exciting changes I have planned for Storyfix as 2017 arrives.  

But like many things that are wide and deep, it quickly got out of hand.

So here’s the less-than-strategic version: Big changes are coming. Video-based Storyfix posts (like this one). A new series of downloadable hardcore craft training videos for serious authors (with a new website). A weekly subscription service that reinvents podcasting into something more diverse.

But first, let’s get to what the headline promises.

Story structure is way more about a sequence of story contexts than it is about hard and fast percentages and what is mistakenly perceived as formulaic narrative exposition. As this six-minute video explains.

This video is from my new training module, Story Structure Demystified, which is part of the new Storyfix Virtual Classroom, which launches in January 2017.  (See more on this below.)

(Sometimes video links don’t come through on posts distributed via email. If that’s the case here, and you’re reading this wondering where the video is… click through to the Storyfix website (HERE), where you’ll find the video inserted within the post itself.


I am days away from launching my new series of training videos, through what I am calling The Storyfix Virtual Classroom (website still under construction, but the bones are here). If you’d like to opt-in to the mailing list for these learning experiences – including a FREE initial module (a $39.99 value) and a 25% discount on all new releases thereafter – click HERE.


If you missed the introduction to Art Holcomb’s new six-part audio training series on the writing process, click HERE, or HERE. Like all things Art Holcomb, it’s time and money well spent, which is why several hundred savvy writers have already signed-on. Be one of them.


Inviting your feedback and contribution:

I am developing a new strategy to help writers move forward, as part of the Storyfix oeuvre of training assets. Your feedback on this would be appreciated (leave a comment, or email me directly at: storyfixer@gmail.com).  This something I haven’t seen done in quite this fashion.

You know what a podcast is. This will be sort of like that… only it will be delivered to your Inbox every Monday morning as a VIDEO with a rich audio narrative. Because you can receive your email on your smartphone, and can open any linked videos from there, and you can choose to play the media in your car via bluetooth. Or if you prefer, watch it on your phone, tablet or computer at your leisure.

It will literally be like a short writing workshop in your car or office. Or hey, from Subway if that’s how you’d like to spend part of your lunch hour.

I’m calling these: Morning Training Shots. They’ll be 5 to 8 minutes in length, with a laser focus on a specific aspect or application of craft, including any myth-busting required to render it more useful.

Launching in January, by the end of 2017 you’ll have as many as 50 of these installments to keep and reference as part of a library.  This information is not merely a duplication of the new Storyfix posts, which will be shorter and have a broader focus on the writing experience. Rather, these training shots are hardcore craft, pure and simple.

Subscribers will get their Morning Training Shot in their inbox every Monday before the sun rises.

These will be available on a subscription basis for $8 a month. Massive value at about two bucks per installment.  Also, for pluckers who want to get them on a one-off basis, they will also be on a dedicated Venmo OnDemand page (a growing menu of entries as the year progresses), for $5 each.

Think of today – this notice – as my focus group… what do you think?

Is this something you’d be interested in? Is it something you think would fly in the community of serious authors looking for hardcore craft information? Does the pricing seem fair and reasonable? Any other input for me?

Thanks for your time on this, I appreciate you helping to shape this strategy. Least I can do is send you the first installment for free, so email me your reactions, which I look forward to digesting.


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3 Responses to A Short Primer (Video) on Story Structure… and Why It May Not Be What You Think It Is

  1. I’ve just started digging into the videos I have access to, and I’m surprised at how clearly some concepts come across when they’re spoken as opposed to when I read them. I’ve gone through your books multiple times, but hearing it instead of reading it is powerful.

    Exciting stuff, Larry.

  2. Ami Cameron

    Loved it, Larry. I look forward to hearing the rest!