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Three Men and a Manuscript


3 men and a ManuscriptA forum on storytelling craft with three writing teacher/mentor/guru types — James Scott Bell, Randy Ingermanson, and me –with a focus on what’s working in today’s rapidly evolving marketplace. ($2.99 on



Stuck in the Middle

– $0.99 

stuck in the middleA tutorial on how and why manuscripts tend to stray – or run into a brick wall – after the setup qaurtile and before the resolution scenes, both of which are easier to visualize and execute. This tutorial was originally an article in Writers Digest Magazine. (Only 99 cents on




When Every Month is NaNoWriMo

– $0.99

NaNoWriMoAn award-winning ebook on making your National Novel Writing Month more than an investment of time with an emphasis on quantity, by lending a context of story quality into the writing process itself. (On Amazon for $0.99.)




The Inner Life of Deadly Faux

– $2.99

inner life deadly fauxNow here’s something you’ve never seen before: the biography of a novel, written by its author, telling the story of its arduous journey to publication, living up to its award-winning prequel and the take-aways and life lessons (not to mention writing lessons) that remain. (114 pages of illumination, on Amazon for $2.99.)



“Gone Girl” – A Model of Modern Structure…A tutorial


gone girlIf you’ve read any of my many deconstructions of bestsellers on this site, you know you won’t want to miss this one. (On Amazon for just 99 cents.)





What You May Have Missed About “50 Shades of Grey”: A Manifesto on the Cause and Effect of this Story

– $0.99

missed 50 shades

If you dare. Or if you want to learn why this book exploded, despite what so many writers are saying about it. Don’t be fooled, you want some of what she’s having. (on Amazon for 99 cents.)




Warm Hugs for Writers


warm hugs writers

Craft is a wonderful thing, and while it makes our stories wonderful, nobody is saying it makes the task of getting there any easier.  This ebook offers just what the title offers, a warm hug of commiseration and empathy within the context of coaching on how to stay focused when the writing gets tough.  A locker room coach’s manifesto on how to persevere when doors close, and how to keep yourself in the game when little voices are whispering alternatives in your weary head. You are not alone.  This ebook is a way to connect with others who labor alone in a room, just them and their story and their dream, waiting for that door to open again. (On for $2.99)


101 Slightly Unpredictable Tips for Novelists and Screenwriters


101 tips

An award-winning (2011 Indie Awards) ebook that covers ground from idea-generation, writing process, elevation of place and sensory vividness, to the most important writing tips of all that separate the work of newbies from those of established pros.  (Available from for $2.99)

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    I bought story structure ebook- PC crashed & i can’t find THE BEST BOOK I”VE

    every purchased.

    Thanks LuckyShotJohn

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    For when your books in Spanish?

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