Is There Such a Thing as Natural Writing Talent?

I take this one head on today over at the, in response to a new article in a major magazine that basically says, “don’t worry about structure, you have the natural DNA to create a structurally-sound novel, based on your gut instinct.”

Not everyone is going to be happy.


Here’s a great learning opportunity for you: my friend Jennifer Blanchard has been leading a discussion/lecture based on my book, “Story Engineering” all week. On Monday at 7:00 EST (that’s today if you just received this via email) I’ll be on a conference call to help sum it all up… you are invited to call in and join in  (it’s totally free).

Primary dial in number: (425) 440-5100


Hope to see — hear — you there!


I’m very excited about my new Storyfix Virtual Classroom project, with five massively intense and content-rich training videos on key topics for emerging and experienced writers alike, including a module on story structure.

These are core principles that you can begin to learn now… rather than waiting a decade for your DNA to finally catch up.

You can’t really expected to write a novel like Stephen King writes a novel – using a draft to discover the story in full — unless and until you know what Stephen King knows. I can help with that.

Read more at my new training website HERE.

Or go to the Vimeo page to see the videos (also viewable on the site above) HERE.

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  1. Woohoo! Wish I could join you guys tonight, but my nights belong to my husband. That’s our deal.