Toxic Untruths Being Fed to Aspiring Writers Today … And How It Can Kill Your Writing Dream

Something new here at – Announcing the launch of …

…The Storyfix eBo0kstore.


A bigger post on this is forthcoming, but I wanted to get this into motion sooner than later.  At the launch I’ll have about six SHORT tutorial ebooks available, from 99 cents to a whopping $2.99.  Some of these are expansions on earlier posts, some are new content.

Why?  Because it’s been proven that old, archived content on a robust website is largely lost.  It goes undiscovered.  It’s been shown that publishing them, and charging a few cents for them, actually enlists a new and larger audience.

Today I’m introducing you to one of about ten titles for this launch, eight of which are new.  Today’s intro:

The Lie: Toxic Untruths Being Fed to Aspiring Writers Today…  And How It Can Kill Your Writing Dream

It’s one big truckload of helpful, even career-saving thinking… for only 99 cents.

Writers like James Scott Bell and Randy Ingermanson and Jennifer Blanchard are spreading the absolutely golden gospel of truth about storytelling and the process of engaging with it.  And yet, some of the “conventional wisdom” floating around out there isn’t as much “a lie” as it is a pile of half-truths and spun belief systems… which amount to a “lie” when regarded as a whole.

Newer writers, in particular, are victimized by these untruths and half-truths at an alarming rate.  Much of it comes from other writers, often in online forums, who preach their own often unenlightened beliefs, which comes off as advice and coaching… when it fact, it is just noise.

Sorting through the noise is the challenge.  This ebook will help you do just that.

From the front copy on Amazon:

Among avocations, the “way to write a novel” is perhaps among the most debated, written about and obscured of any of the available conventional wisdoms to be found. The conversation gets downright political when you consider that, truly, there is no one way to go about it, and just as certainly, no right way or wrong way.

Writers are left to discover “their” way, often choosing from a menu of approaches floating among the flotsam and jetsam of that available writing conversation. But without benefit of experience and the pain of trial and error, attaching veracity and function to the resume of the spokesperson for one’s chosen truth — to often from the mouths of the uninitiated — can have devastating effects. Even worse, some writers spend decades assuming there is indeed only one way, and that any other way is just counter-intuitive noise to be avoided.

With writing, pain is optional. And yet, for many it remains oh-so-romantic a context for the creation of stories.

Sooner or later, though, after years of frustration and failure, some writers quietly look elsewhere for writing truths that, upon closer examination, simply make more sense, even when it comes to the process of idea and narrative development.

In this 2500 word tutorial, blogger and bestselling writing mentor Larry Brooks exposes what he calls “The Lie” about how and why novels work, and the path toward achieving that milestone, and thus, how and why the prescribed approach to achieving those criteria is a critical decision.

It isn’t a question of planning or plotting, outlining or drafting, because indeed, writers working at either end of those spectrums have verifiable success to show for it. Pick your endorser, they await in both camps. The question resides at a deeper level of truth, one that defines process as the search for what works, rather than the means by which one embarks upon the journey to discover it. The difference is subtle yet powerful, and it can change a writer’s career with a simple acknowledgement that they may indeed be going about this all wrong, and that a better approach may not require adopting a less comfortable approach to story development after all.

Click HERE to pick up your Kindle edition of this ebook.

Next up… a case study on concept colliding with premise… and then, a fuller introduction and launch of the new eBookstore, with titles in much the same vein as the one discussed here.

Thanks for your support.



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  1. This is terrific, Larry! Put up some “share” buttons on the post so we can blast the news on social media! I’ll be tweeting 🙂

  2. “With writing, pain is optional.”

    Oh yeah. That.

  3. “Toxic Untruths” Glad to see you remain willing to push the envelop.

  4. Awesome, like all things you write! I’m with C.S., can we get more sharing buttons to help spread the word? For now, I’ve got you covered on Twitter and Facebook.