Two Mini-Workshops. Right here, right now.

Massive content.  Listen to one, watch the other. 

I recently did a 60-minute live “interview” with Cheryl Fusco Johnson at KRUU FM, 100.1 in Fairfield, Iowa.  What began as an interview about “Story Engineering” (the book) ended up being a 60-minute primer on the Six Core Competencies of successful storytelling (the ticket to getting published). 

We went deep, we went wide, and it’s worth listening if you need a 6CC booster shot.

Listen to it HERE.

Last spring I did a 30-minute Youtube interview with the wonderful Joanna Penn, out of Australia.  This, too, ended up being a little boot camp on all things structural and criteria-based relative to storytelling.  Also worth taking in, if you can stand looking at me through the unforgiving lens of a cheap old laptop.  Not my best hair day.

You can watch it HERE.

Enjoy.  Sometimes hearing it clarifies what you thought you read, here and in my book.

Need a warm hug?  Check out my new ebook, Warm Hugs for Writers, HERE

That’s the Kindle edition… if you’d prefer a PDF download, click HERE.   Just launched it this week, and already hundreds of you have been warmly hugged, with a laugh or two tossed in with the gentle kick-in-the-hard drive. 

There’s a big ol’ hug waiting for you, too.  Then… it’s back to the keyboard for all of us.


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3 Responses to Two Mini-Workshops. Right here, right now.

  1. I had the opportunity to hear you last year at the Storymakers Conference in Salt Lake City. It was one of the best and most helpful of the seminars I attended. I recommend listening to the talk on the Six Core Competencies. Lots of valuable information!

  2. I hope you come back to Write on the River in Wenatchee one of these years! Your workshops and books have got my writing on the right track.

    Thanks for sharing these mini workshops. I can always count on you for great resources.

  3. Robert Fernandez

    Amazon has Story Engineering Kindle version coming out in 2015? Oddly, customer service could not confirm if this was a typo. Is the book only available in print? Thank you .