Year-End Story Coaching Discounts

It’s a cash flow thing.  

My story coaching business and speaking schedule tends to slow down as the year closes.  I need the work, and you may need some story coaching.

That’s a win-win opportunity for us both.

The biggest year-end discount, and it’s a whopper, is offered for the…

Full Manuscript Read/Analysis Service

The goal is to see if your manuscript is ready for publication (either traditional of self-published… there is no difference in the criteria for either strategy).  If it isn’t, I’ll tell you succinctly what works and what doesn’t, and do my best to suggest fixes and upgrades (that’s something that nobody on the planet can guarantee, by the way, just as nobody can guarantee publication; that said, I hope I’ve earned your confidence that I’m as capable of providing a blueprint for revision as anyone out there).

My current price for this service is $2250.  The discounted price is… less.  A LOT less.

Yeah, $2250 is a bit more than my prior fee, but the nature and scope of the feedback provided has evolved.  More is better where feedback is concerned, and so I now deliver more of it.  This analysis looks at – and gives an evaluation for – twelve different story elements and essences (the Six Core Competencies, and the Six Realms of Story Physics), all in context to an overall evaluation and recommendations for upgrades and fixes for your next draft.

My coaching document might be four pages, it might be 24 pages, but in either case you’ll have what you need to move forward with confidence.

The discount I’m offering, if you can pay now (in December), is 40 PERCENT off the regular fee… which translates to a discounted fee of $1350, a savings of $900.  (The fee for this level of service reverts back to $2250 come January 1, 2016.)

Full payment ($1350) is required by the end of December 2015 to grab this discount.  Contact me directly to arrange payment at the discount (see below).

But the good news is… you have until March 31, 2016, to actually submit your manuscript.  Which gives you time to actually finish it, without pressure or rush, maybe even read my writing books and see what revisions you can come up with on your own.

A 40 percent discount on anything is a good deal.  A 40 percent discount on something worth well over two grand… that’s a killer deal.

There is one other coaching/evaluation discount on the table.

The current fee for my Bundled Story Plan level of service (see below, or click HERE) is $395.  Through December 31 of this year, however, you can lock in your involvement at a $50 savings (pay only $345, provided you can remit payment by December 31, 2015; once enrolled, you can opt to commence the service sequence at any time during 2016).

My fee structure has recently changed for my other Questionnaire-driven story element evaluations, including the way the Full Story Plan Evaluation works.  It is now regularly-priced (at $395) as a bundled service (the fee includes each of the three levels) to incent opting-in for the whole coaching enchilada, completing the three levels in sequence (1. Concept/Premise Analysis, 2. Dramatic Arc Analysis, 3. Full Story Plan Analysis).

To learn more why this makes sense (there’s a really good reason that it does), and more details on how this works, click HERE.

To opt-in and grab these discounts…

… contact me directly – at – to request an invoice and ask any questions you may have.

Other story coaching options at the regular fee remain available using the Paypal buttons in the left column, which also show the regular fee structure for these discounted programs.  To grab the discounts, don’t use those Paypal buttons, write me to request an invoice (via Paypal; you do not need to be a Paypal member to use this venue for payment).

Unless you’re opting in to one of the one-off programs, in which case… please do.


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7 Responses to Year-End Story Coaching Discounts

  1. Wow. These are rock-bottom prices. I’ll help spread the word.

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  3. Mike Lawrence

    I recently purchased a concept/premise analysis and WOW was that an eye opener. Larry’s insight into what’s broken and why, at many different levels, is uncanny. He’s real good at finding the stuff you already know is broken and putting it into words so you can actually understand why it’s broken. More importantly, he finds the stuff that you didn’t know was broken. At some points, he’s tearing it apart sentence by sentence. And that’s just for the “entry level” concept/premise analysis.

    A word of warning: be serious about this. Be prepared to slay darlings and kill your most beloved beliefs about your story. Larry is ruthless and will challenge pretty much everything you’re doing, He’s the Story Fixer, not the Story Cheerleader and he takes his job very seriously. And he’s damn good at it.

    At the same time, he also points out the stuff you’re doing right, so you know what to build from as well as what to trim.

    If you’ve been wondering about what Larry can do for you, go ahead and buy a concept/premise analysis. It’s not that much and you’ll be surprised at how much insight you get back. Wish I’d done it sooner.

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