Giblets and “What’s Your Favorite Writing Website?” Gravy

Haven’t done this in a while… a little potpourri of stuff

New entry available on the Peer Review page.

Please gift Steve Theme (is that a great writer’s name, or what?) with feedback on his YA-slanted memoir (two chapters), Asphalt Sanctuary.  Read it HERE.

If you’d like some feedback on your story, including some of your NaNoWriMo WIP, click here to see how the Peer Review page thing works.  There are plenty of other WIPs there, too, so if you’re in for some reading, your feedback is welcomed.  In fact, it’s the whole point.

“On to the next.”

I used this reference in a recent post on fielding criticism, referring to the teflon mindset of the successful writer.  Some of you asked where it came from (no, I didn’t make it up)… it’s from the novel “Brothers” by the iconic screenwriter, William Goldman.

Vote for Your Favorite Writing Website

The annual reader’s poll to determine the top ten writing sites on the internet is now open and accepting votes.  If you have a favorite writing website, click HERE to cast your vote (scroll to the end of a very long COMMENT thread to add your vote/comment), naming the site and the reasons for your vote.

If Storyfix is your choice, then I really appeciate the support.  Last year worked out pretty well (changed my life, actually), when Storyfix landed in the #1 position on the Top 10 list.  Lots of sites campaign hard for this, and both the volume and enthusiasm of the voting plays a big part in an otherwise “judged” competition.

Votes count until December 10, 2011.

Click HERE to see last year’s winners.


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2 Responses to Giblets and “What’s Your Favorite Writing Website?” Gravy

  1. Christy

    Larry, had already voted for you!


  2. Olga Oliver

    You have my vote with many, many thanks, Larry.