The Peer Review Page – Welcome

Welcome to the Storyfix Peer Review Intro Page

The concept is simple: writers post their work here… other writers provide feedback to that work in the form of “Comments” to the post. The goal is to add value to the author’s project, and to create relevant dialogue.

You are encouraged to participate on both sides of this opportunity, as a submitting author and as a reader/Comment contributor.

Read all you want for FREE.   Click HEREto go to the Menu of submitted work… pick what sounds good… read… then comment.

To submit your work, CLICK HERE.

The charge for my admin time to post and maintain this portion of the site is a one-time fee of $25.00 per submission, payable through PayPal via (as the target recipient of your payment).  Work will remain on the site indefinitely, or until you pull it, or I pull it (with cause).

While I reserve the right to chip in my own commentary on submissions — and plan to do so — there is no guarantee as to the quantity or quality of the feedback provided.  It’s like belonging to a critique group… we take our chances when we throw open the kimono and put our work out there.

It takes courage to write.  It takes even more courage to show it to someone.  It’s part of what we signed up for as writers.

To read and provide feedback on the work posted on this Peer Review page, CLICK HERE.

It’s totally FREE, and much appreciated by the writers who have posted work here.

Scroll through the menu of submissions, which include genre and a short synopsis, and then click through to the author’s page, where the work itself will be available for your review and Comments.

The Rules

Authors may use their own name or a pseudonym, your call.  Just be sure this is clear on your submission.

Submitted work can be anything you choose — a story outline, a book or screenplay proposal, sample chapter(s) or scenes, a short story, an article, a poem, a love letter, a cover letter for your resume…or anything else that fits within the parameters stated here.  If you want people to read it and give you feedback, you’re invited to post.

Length: maximum of 5000 words.  No minimum.  The one-time fee applies to any length.

No scripts for now… they don’t paste into the WordPress editor without making a mess of things.  Am working on this upgrade.  However, film treatments written in narrative format are most welcome.  Good to get feedback at that level, too.

No porn.  No marketing.  Storyfix maintains the right to refuse posting (with immediate full refund), or remove it (this includes commentary), if material is deemed unsuitable.  That said, adult situations and langauge is acceptable (the introductory description will note this).  The acid test is this: your submission represents work you would sell through traditional outlets, including commercial retail and online venues.

Authors retain all rights to their posted submissions, including copyright.  Work shown here is covered by the author’s copyright.

Storyfix shall be held harmless and without liability for any claims arising from the appearance of an author’s work on this website.  Postings will be removed within 48 hours upon request by the author.

Decorum is expected in the Comments section of each author’s page.  Be clear, be honest, but remember: the writer is just like all of us.  We desire constructive feedback, not a gratuitious kick to the groin.  This is your chance to help another writer reach their goals, please take it seriously.

Please, no marketing or linking in your Comments.

Questions?  Feedback?  Email me at


CLICK HERE to go to the submissions menu.  This is where you’ll find something to read and review.

CLICK HERE to submit your work.

Thanks for playing… my hope is that you’ll find this experience valuable and worthwhile.


12 Responses to The Peer Review Page – Welcome

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  2. What a fantastic opportunity. I’ve been wanting to tell you for ages how much your site and StoryFix has helped my writing. Your deconstruction of The Help was excellent. Now you’re doing this Peer Review? Best news I’ve heard all week.

    Recently my crit partner quit writing. She was a good writer and we learned a lot from each other. I’m so happy that I’ll be continue learning from others here, giving feedback and seeing what you and others have to say about the same work.

    I’m going to Donald Maass’s week long Breakout Novel Intensive in September so after I go through my manuscript and make the suggested changes I’m coming over here to throw up some pages. I’m starting a new book too, so putting the outline up and getting feedback will be fantastic.

    I’m resetting my goals at the end of the week. Send to Storyfix is going on my calendar and I’ll make time to come over and read some work to get a lay of the land. Thank you for doing this. I’m so excited/nervous. Maass makes me excited/nervous too. I’m stepping far outside my comfort zone here in the next couple of months but I know it’s necessary if I ever want to be a pro. Thanks for all you do!

  3. Larry,

    I’ll be coming in soon. I’m plotting a new story now and when I have something written, I’ll join in. I’m a staunch believer in reciprocation, so plan to read and comment on others as well. I’ve learned a lot from your postings on Storyfix, and from your books. I know participating in this new group can only be a benefit. Thanks for all you do to help us striving to improve our craft.

  4. This is great. Would it be possible to add a link to the author’s site so we can follow them, or is that only provided if they want to submit it?

  5. Olga Oliver

    Hello Kate MacNicol – just read that you’re attending Maass’s workshop in September. Ah, I have turned green from toe to hair roots. This man doesn’t know it yet, but he’s my future AGENT. I, too, will be submitting some works to Larry’s wonderful plan, so I’ll watch for your entries. I would hope that I can keep in touch with you and hear about your meeting THE AGENT of my future.


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  12. I attended one of your workshops at Willamette Writers conference recently and love it. I also ordered your book story engineering. I have no doubt your book will make a huge difference in writing and finishing my novel. Thank you so much for putting it all together in one book. JW

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