Peer Review — Submissions Page

Welcome to the Storyfix Peer Review Submissions page.

Here you”ll find what you need to submit your work and format your introductory data.

Upon submission you will have your own Author Page on Storyfix, which will include your submitted work and any Comments that ensue.

Keep the length limit front and center: no more than 5000 words, please.

Also, feel free to participate as a READER/REVIEWER, as well… it’s totally free, read all you want, help all you can.

Click HERE to go to the Peer Review Menu page.

The Fee Stuff

Easy deal.  Fair, too.  The fee for posting your work here is $25.00 per post to cover my admin time.

This is a one-time fee, per piece (new submissions entail another $25 posting fee).  If I receive your submission prior to notification from PayPal (or other means), I’ll hold it pending receipt.  Please allow 24-hours for your work to appear on the site… I have a life outside of this website.  Really.

Refunds handled on a one-off basis, but basically it applies only if the work is immediately withdrawn (with 24 hours; less the PayPal fee). 

Please send your work concurrent with your payment via PayPal (or other means).

Send your manuscript directly to me at:  Please include “PEER REVIEW SUBMISSION” in the Subject line of this email transmission.

If you’re not a PayPal member already, they’ll ask for a quick sign-up, including your credit card.  There is NO FEE to you from Paypal (nor is there any risk, this is one of the most secure sites on the entire internet) for using this as a method of payment.

Go to

If already a member, sign-in and follow the prompts to SEND MONEY.

Amount: $25.00

Payment destination:

If you don’t belong to PayPal… and/or if you prefer to pay by other means, contact me at and we’ll work something out.  Last time I checked, the U.S. Postal Service was still in business.

CLICK HERE to review The Rules for submission, and for an overview of things in general. 

Your Submission

Please submit your work as an MS Word standard document.  Not docx.  Not Apple.  Google docs are fine.  I’ll be doing a direct cut and paste onto your Author Page, WITHOUT EDITING.  What you submit is what readers will see.

Hard copy submissions won’t work, definately need a digital manuscript via email attachment.

Please include the following:

1. Your Name (will be withheld upon request).

2. Your email (withheld from readers… I may need to contact you).

3. Any pseudonym you’d like used instead of your real name.

4. Genre or category of your work.

5. Title.

6. Length (in words; 5000 maximum, no minimum).

7. Brief synopsis (25-words or less, a tidy little elevator pitch).  I recommend a statement of concept (a “what if?” proposition, if you can), the themes your work explores, and a brief hook (your call).  If your work isn’t a “story” per se, include a description of purpose.  (I reserve the right to edit for length.)

7. Any issues you’d like reviewers to look for and comment upon.

That’s it.  Three things needed to get it done: Payment (via Paypal)… submission of your work (to Storyfix)… and your intro data (also to Storyfix.)

Questions: contact me at: (same email as that used for Paypal target and for submission of work and data).

Then sit back, and perhaps buckle up. 

Let the feedback begin.

Welcome to the jungle.

(Click HERE to read posted work and add your feedback.)

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