Want to Publish, or Self-Publish? Read This Interview

Writer, editor and friend Victoria Mixon runs a great (Top 10!) website for writers, www.victoriamixon.com.  Up now is an interview with another Top-10 writing blogger… someone you might know… talking about stuff you might want to read about.

Think of it as some combination of comisseration, confession, encouragement and warning.

Consider it today’s Storyfix content.

This interview goes a little deeper than the average author back-and-forth.

It allows you to get an unflinching look at being published, getting let go by your publisher after writing a best seller and a critical home run, followed by a descent to the depths of writing dispair…

… launching a blog after writing your best novel (from the aforementioned pit) and then watching it go largely unnoticed (other than a nice big fat national award, which also went unnoticed)…

… then writing a bestselling writing book, followed by some resultant hate mail mixed in with an abundance of appreciative feedback…

… and then, immersed in confusion between strategy and desperation, republishing those earlier novels as ebooks to join the madly tweeting Kindle crowd…

… yeah, that’s the interview.  Which offers up some war-weary, unflinching, this-may-or-may-not-be-what-you-want-to-hear-about-self-publishing truths thinly disguised as opinions.

You can read it HERE.


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2 Responses to Want to Publish, or Self-Publish? Read This Interview

  1. Thanks for sharing this. Very meaningful insights. Self publishing poses great challenges to authors but those are necesssary for success.

  2. Thank you for the interview, Larry! Your story of your own publication history alone is golden for all the aspiring writers out there, who need to know what this industry is like from the inside.