Wordplay: And the winner is…

Last Tuesday I posted a fun little diversion in the form of a friendly challenge: spilt a multi-syllable word into separate words and write a clever new defintion for it.

Seventy-one of you contributed over 300 examples of wit, sarcasm, biting truth and scary writing chops.  If you didn’t see it, click HERE to have more than a few laughs.  Get ready to waste some time on this, it’s hard to look away.

I said I’d pick a winner, and now I’m stuck with that chore.  There are too many brilliant ones to consider.  In fact, all of them were really clever and, for the most part, funny as hell.


Barking… bar king: last man standing in a drinking contest.

Chicago… chica go: Hispanic guy telling his girl to get lost.  Or chic ago: styles from the yesteryear.

Headroom… head room: the room in the house of a New Guinean warrior to display his trophies.

Student… stu dent: what my door gets every time I park next to Stu.

Prevent… pre vent: to roll down the car window before breaking wind.

Hospitality… ho spitality: ability of a prostitute to generate saliva.

Pinscher… pins Cher: your goal if you wind up on a reality show called, “Wrestling With the Stars.”

I could go on. 

So let’s get to it.   The only criteria I could apply in selecting a “winner” among so many brilliant entries was to land on the one that I couldn’t get out of my head.  One that made me grin every time I thought of it.

It was submitted by Trudy (email me for your ebook, your link isn’t live), who had a bunch of other good ones, as well.

The winning entry:

effluent: ef fluent: Joe Biden when he thinks he’s off mike.

Thanks for playing.

Back to business.  Later today I’ll be posting the kick-off entry in the deconstruction of An Education.


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4 Responses to Wordplay: And the winner is…

  1. And another thing…

    If you have your own “winner” in mind among the 300-plus entries, feel free to share it here. Nobody’s wrong when it comes to a good laugh. L.

  2. This was great fun Larry! Thanks so much for hosting the contest. There were a few I missed so I’ll have to set aside some “wasting time” and go back to read them all.

    I look forward to the deconstruction of An Education.

  3. No freebies for me. Sigh.

    I guess I can take solace in the fist the two of my entries made it onto the repeated list above…

    Anyway, there was some pretty amusing stuff on there.

  4. trudy

    Larry, I can’t believe you selected my entry among the crowd of terrific entries. But thank you so very much. Knowing I can make you laugh at something I wrote is a thrill. t